Monday, December 26, 2011


Mr. Claus is having a well deserved nap. It is the day after the Big Day and I think I will take a page from Santa's book.

I saw enough of this before Christmas, I don't want to see it the day after so no matter how great the bargains are I am staying home.

I adore old movies, they are the best. My son, daughter-in-law and gorgeous grandbaby added to my collection with these two favourites.

I am putting my slippered feet up and watching them today.

They also surprised me with the new McQueen book of all of his best designs. I will get lost in this for a few hours.

First I must get my turkey stock on for the gallons of soup I will get this year. I have the bones from our sons turkey and ours. Penny (our furry baby) love a good bowl of soup.

It has been a wonderful Christmas. Our first with our little baby girl, our sons first Christmas in his first home. Despite our loss of our beloved Duffy we celebrated what we have because I think it is pretty amazing. I am trying to hold on to the Christmas spirit until New Years this year. Usually when the tree is empty underneath I am done but this year I need a little more Christmas magic. I hope you all had a fabulous day and that all of your wishes came true.


  1. I hate to shop in stores anyway. So you couldn't pay me to go out into the madness. I mostly shop online these days.

  2. I'm with you! Nothing could entice me to go shopping today!

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas, I'm so glad. I was lucky I didn't have to go to any stores for Christmas shopping. Mr. G.O.P. went to
    Walmart for my daughter's stepson and that's it, we did everything online.

  4. Oh Sue, your movies look fantastic! I am beginning to re-discover some really great old movies lately. There is just something so peaceful in them. Those kitties! Oh my goodness, they are too too sweet for words. Would you please ask Penny if I can share her soup? The stock looks divine!