Friday, January 6, 2012


I am a very thorough person. When I do something it is 110%, I have always been like that. Now that can be a good thing but it can also be a little aggravating, to me. If I see a picture of something that I really, really like I will search everywhere to find it. With the internet that is a possiblility. There is not much you can not find.

Last year I saw some teacups ( as you know one of my obsessions) in Country Living Magazine. There they were, 12 of them sitting on a shelf in a country kitchen. They were yellow with a little bluebird on the front and a scalloped edge (I love scalloped edges). They did not list anyone who made them. Well, that did not stop me. After about a week of searching I discovered they were from Anthropologie. Now, I, like my daughter-in-law, adore Anthropologie, but once they have an item in if you don't buy it there are no more. I searched for months and only found two, sold by different sellers, on ebay. I missed out on both, which by the way, sold for over $25.00 each. I had pretty much given up on my yellow teacup ( I only cared if I had one ). Then, lo and behold, I gave it one last try a few months ago and there they were, four of them.

I was so thrilled. I saw that the seller shipped only in the U.S. Now that has happened before and when I e-mailed they were more than happy to ship to Canada. I sent an e-mail and after 2 days had no response. No one had bid and there were 2 days left. I thought that I would put a bid in and surely someone would either outbid me or if not the seller would either ship them or relist. Well, I was the only bidder and tried to contact the seller about the shipping. After 2 more days the seller sent me a not so nice e-mail about not shipping to the Canada. Now on ebay you cannot retract a bid that is up to the seller. After apologising and offering to let her relist or sending them to a U.S. address( very kindly offered by one of my followers) she sent the cups. The total cost of four was $42.00 including shipping!

The day arrived and my lovely cups were finally here. I opened the container and there they were. Just as beautiful as I thought they would be but unfortunately the awful encounter with the seller had taken some of the thrill away for me. I still love them but I wish getting them had been a little nicer.

While searching for the original pictures from Country Living Magazine for this post I came across some other teacups that I have fallen in love with.

I clicked the image to see who made them and you won't believe it. They are from Anthropologie. Damn you Anthropologie! You have me hooked again!

Just a quick note.. Many have asked about the artist of the dog prints in my kitchen. He is Stephen Fowler and his Etsy shop is Gemini Studios.


  1. I'm so sorry you had a bad experience on eBay buying your lovely tea cups Sue but they are beautiful, love the colour especially at this time of year. I hope that the memory of a cranky seller will fade with time and you will be able to truly enjoy them again. And that is too funny that your current tea cup 'obsession' is also from Anthropologie! I hope you don't have the same experience trying to get our hands on these! I have numerous tea cups as well, mine have come to me from my 'adopted' Grannny (long story but she was a very special lady!) and most of them are vintage if not antique. I have one porcelain tea cup (with a scalloped edge :O) that is so delicate you can see the light through it, it is magical! Thanks for sharing your latest finds and good luck with your next hunt! Deb

  2. I love your attitude. You went for what you wanted and nobody was going to stop you from
    getting those teacups!! So see, you have them.
    Although I don't know about Round 2 with the
    new cups!!

  3. I love the yellow teacups! They are beautiful..!

  4. You've been tagged, come play!

  5. Oh, the yellow tea cups are too adorable!