Thursday, January 5, 2012


Before we see my diningroom I just want to share these two pictures. I forgot to put them on yesterdays post. They are hanging in my kitchen on a little wall between the mudroom and pantry doors. Another great Homesense find, I just adore these pups. They make me smile everytime I see them. The funniest thing was after I bought them, and they were very reasonable, I found the artist on ebay! He does a lot of vintage looking dog prints. Now off to the diningroom.

Here we are before the make over. This is last years Christmas photo.


Basically, I switched the cupboard and the trunk. Seems simple but it meant completely emptying that big cupboard. I did a thorough clean out, very purging. I think it makes a bit difference, it opens up the space and now I can see the cupboard much better.

As you know, I have a lot of books. I have already filled the big bookshelves my husband built for me, so I am always looking for different spots to put books without just piling them in a corner. I have made a nice little nook in the diningroom. The trunk is perfect for my large coffee table books. I am going to hang photos on the wall when I get them all framed. I am utilizing spaces now. Instead of just using a surface to display something why not make it useful for books or dishes or a nice coffee bar.

Just before I go, we are off to visit our son ( he bought a 55" 3-D television for Christmas, my little grandbaby will think she is sitting in there with the Backyardigans) I want to show one last thing. I only have one piece of Majolica and I love it. These gorgeous swans were made to display cheese at country fairs in England. Isn't that amazing, the wonderful things they use to do for the simplest items.... Oh for the good old days.


  1. Oh Friend lovin those precious dog prints, but I am over the moon for that awesome cupboard.
    Your home is very warm and cozy.
    Blessings Trace

  2. Love it..I like the stacked books. I am always thinking of stacking books by a chair instead of a table. I have seen that in some mags and I think it is nice.

    I LOVE the swans! My grandmother loved swans (very Victorian) so they always remind me of her.

  3. You room looks larger, and really beautiful!

  4. Hi - just found your blog through Cozy Little House - I'm really enjoying it. Nice to find someone else in Ontario - I'm fairly new to blogging.
    "" and ""

    I'll be following your blog now - love your kitchen especially. And your fat orange cat - he/she looks just like my "Pinkie" who passed away a couple of years ago - it was like seeing a friend on your blog!

  5. It's amazing how a small change can alter the look of a room so much. And it must have been a real chore to empty that cupboard! I love to see vintage pieces like your swans and learn the history and the different ways they were used. I never would have guessed what that dish was for.
    Oh, can you share the artist with us? I'd love to see more of his dog portraits.

  6. Beautiful dining area/library. A small change makes such a huge difference.