Saturday, January 21, 2012


Over 30 years ago, when we bought our farmhouse, I went to an auction and bought this pair of 1940's chairs. I loved them. They were beautiful, very comfy and unusually, a pair. It is hard to find a pair of old chairs like this and they were only $20 for the pair. ( Now I have a chair addiction but more about that another day.) At the time, I had never upholstered anything before and our house was much smaller (we have added rooms since). After moving them around several times I agreed to let a friend of my husbands borrow them for his family room. When we put our family room on they came home. I have upholstered them several times but when they found a permanent place in my studio I found the perfect fabric.

I have this thing about monkeys in fez's and little outfits. Not real monkeys but fabric, pictures and figures. I actually found a fabulous lamp once with two monkeys in fez's and outfits holding the lamps but alas I could not afford them. I found this fabric and I bought what was left on the bolt, it was very cheap. I just love it!

I look at my monkey chairs and they make me so happy. Such beautiful chairs.

I have never seen anything else like them. The closest was this one I saw online.

And my monkey fabric, well I have never seen anything like that anywhere. I love it so much that I used the rest to make curtains for my little art storage space in the studio. I can sit in one of the monkey chairs and look at the other one and the curtains at the same time. Smiles!

I also want to show you something that amazed me yesterday. I could not figure out how it was done and when I went to the blog of the person who showed step by step the process it was so easy.

Lisa at THE ENCHANTED OVEN made this.

Now, you might say "That's nice, a decorated roll cake", but here's the thing. That is not icing, it is baked right into the cake. She got the recipe from La Receta de la Felicidad. .

Now, Lisa filled hers with a meringue cream & the other is ice cream. You must go and see how this was made. I am a baker and it surprised and delighted me. I am going to make this for my husbands birthday. Boy, will you impress your family and friends if you make this.

One last thing today before we leave to spend the day with our little darling. Her and mommie have colds so we are visiting and hopefully our daughter-in-law with get some rest.
I have used PICNIK for editing my pictures on my blog since I started blogging. I love this sight you can do so many things there. If you have not visited PICNIK get over there and have some fun with your pictures because I just got an e-mail from them that as of April 19th. they are finished. They are giving everyone the premium editing for free so go and have some fun.


  1. Those are very lovely chairs, and the fabric is gorgeous.
    I am going to impress the family with one of those cakes tomorrow!

  2. Love the monkeys! My daughter has the see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil monkeys and
    I want it so badly! She will never give it to me. Beautiful job on the chairs. They would make me smile, too.

  3. GOOD AFTERNOON DEAREST!!! I have a chair VERY SIMILAR TO THIS and I need to do something with it...I have French style up on the main level, but maybe this chair can go into our pergola this summer! THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME TODAY! I so love your header...

  4. Oh your chairs are gorgeous! You really got a great deal on the pair for $20.00. You upholster too? Well for heavens sake, Sue. You are a creative renaissance woman.

    That cake is incredible. If I baked a cake it would impress my family. If I baked THAT cake, they would be out looking for the Mina pod. ;-)

    I sure hope your little princess and her mother get well soon and thank you for the photo site info. I am going to check it out.

    One last thing...

    I tagged you but if you don't want to participate, just pretend you never got this part of my comment. ;-)

  5. You did a wonderful job on those chairs. I had a chair like that once and it was so comfy! I heard that piknik before and didnt know they were doing away with it, I wonder why?