Thursday, February 2, 2012


Only 12 days until VALENTINES DAY and today I am starting my 12 Days of Romance. I am beginning with a place. France. I have always wanted to go to the French Countryside and live for a few months soaking up the culture, history and romance of this fabulous country.

I can imagine walking down the cobbled streets of an old villiage near Provence or Burgundy. The click, click of our our shoes echoing against the ancient buildings.

Going to the local Cafe in the morning for croissant and latte.

Popping into the Bakery and trying to decide which colour of the rainbow of Macroons to take home that day.

And of course stopping by the Market for the freshest produce, bread and cheeses before heading back to our little French cottage with the blue shutters.

We would ride our bikes back on the lovely country road.

Perhaps stop at another little cafe for something cold to drink.

Enjoy a little walk along the river, maybe a boat ride.

The sun would beat down upon us as we rode past the beckoning gardens that dot the countryside with a lush, flowing array of colour.

We would end our days with a simple rustic feast of wine, cheese, and bread as we watched the sunset. Amore, Love, Romance, you cannot get better than this.


  1. Aaahhh, if only, but for now I will dream :o) Thanks Susan.

  2. Oh, how dreamy! I love this post and the images are perfect against your flow of prose. I nearly felt I was there at that moment. Tout mon amour, sweet friend. Mina

  3. Oh, my. I just went to France! The pictures are beautiful and your narrative had me there.
    Thank you!