Friday, February 3, 2012


Valentines Day is associated with of course, love, but also sweets. Chocolates have been the traditional treat but lets face it, they can get a bit predictable and boring. Especially when you can get lovely gourmet chocolates any time of year. Why not try something a little more creative.

I know I have posted about them before, but how gorgeous is a decorated cupcake? Now, with the assortment of sprinkles available for every occassion you don't have to be a pro to create something deliciously adorable. If baking is not your forte then go to a really good bakery and buy some. I know I would love to receive a gift of pretty cupcakes for Valentines Day. Hint, hint, honey!

And just look at this! I absolutely love macaroons and I think this is just beautiful. Those red raspberries nestled into that rich whipped cream resting on a chewy macaroon........heaven.

For something really different try the cake pops. Now you may remember I made these for my grandbabies shower and said I would never do it again. They were a little messy but I was making dozens of them. I may attempt it again for Valentines Day because they are beautiful and very delicious, especially the red velvet, I do not recommend vanilla if you are making your own the first time, I found them a bit raw tasting. You can buy them, I am sure, at any good bakery. I know in Canada they are sold at Starbucks.

Whatever you do, try to be creative this Valentines Day, anyone can buy chocolates.......I mean you gentlemen!


  1. I really want something sweet now! ;)
    I love the Hello Kitty cake pops

  2. You found some delectable yummies! I'd like to make some of those cupcakes. I'm trying to make some petit fours this weekend.

  3. OMG! I must run and get some cupcakes to satisfy this sudden craving.