Sunday, March 11, 2012


We are all going a little stir crazy in my house. As you can see, Luca has taken to literally climbing the walls, or shelves. The weather is suppose to get to 60F. today. Could spring be on its way.

I want to get into my gardening so badly this spring.  I cannot wait to sit on my porch with a cup of tea and my Country Magazines.   I know we have not had much snow but the days seem to have been so long, gray and depressing.

How I long for the moment I can get out my lovely, weathered pots, fill them with fresh soil and new flowers. I cannot wait to put out the birdbaths and sit on the back porch watching the mornings unfold, birds chirping, squirrels playing in the trees. And the trees, budding their spring leaves bringing life to the farm once more.

I could not resist this beautiful pot of tulips the other day. If spring won't come to me I will bring it into the house for now.

I am heading back out to my studio this week. It will be the first time since I lost Duffy & Penny. I do not know how I will react to sitting there alone, no Duffy on my feet, no Penny curled up on the rug listening for me to open a bag of potato chips, they were her favourites. It is suppose to be up to 70F. by Thursday, I will believe it when I see it. I hope so though, so the ground dries up and I can get busy. It is very quiet and lonely around here at the moment and I need to throw myself into some work. We have decided that we are not adopting any more furry babies until next spring. It is just too soon.

I do hope you all have a lovely day today and stop by my blog LUCYS GARDEN I have stared my weekly posts SILENT SUNDAY.


  1. I think that spring has arrived here. Somedays we have been in the mid-70s. I can't wait to get outside and start planting, only I have cracked ribs right now and am waiting for them to heal up some more. Have a wonderful upcoming week and enjoy those beautiful tulips.

  2. It's so strange ... it gets so hot and humid here for most of the year these past years ... that although it's sunny outside, you just can't even sit and enjoy the great outdoors. Oh, how I long to move back where there are four seasons ... I have to believe someday I will. You home look so inviting and cozy and beautiful ... I still am thinking of you and sending positive and comforting energy your way.

    Love and Light and all the good stuff !

  3. Hi! Luca is beautiful. Following you on Lucys Garden as well. I’m awarding you The Versatile Blogger award. You can get it at:

  4. Luca is so beautiful! With the warm weather, Herger loves to go outside and play and I have such a hard time getting him back in sometimes. He is really good about staying in the yard but if I want him in and he is not ready, he will sprint away, just out of my reach when I try to catch him. He can be such a turd. ;-)

    I can imagine how different life must be without Duffy and Penny and think about you often. I cannot blame you for wanting to wait until next spring. I am sure we will do the same when King passes. The older we get, the harder the losses are. I'm not sure why that is.

    Be gentle with yourself sweetie. Blessings to you and your husband. Mina

  5. Just a thought about your decision to wait until next spring to adopt any more furry babies. Most of the furries that I've shared my home with, came to me in their own way and time, not mine. A new furry to love may come to you when you least expect it, but perhaps when you both need it.