Monday, March 26, 2012


When I was a little girl, like many little girls, I wanted to grow up to be a Faerie Princess.

In my heart I am a Faerie Princess although I do have a Castle it is made of sand. That's okay, much lower mortgage payments.

My crown may be made of paper and encrusted with glitter instead of diamonds but it makes me feel just as regal and I don't have to worry about insuring it.

For practical reasons I prefer sandals to glass slippers. Who has time to polish those shoes and I don't need the sore feet.

Just like the Princess in the Faerie Tale, I do my own cleaning.

And I have pumpkins and mice but instead of turning into a Carriage and footman or horses they live in the pumpkins. Trust me I've tried but they will not turn into a Carriage and Horses.

Being the practical Princess that I am, I drive a Saturn Vue instead of a Coach. In the long run it is cheaper than feeding all of those horses.

I kissed my fair share of frogs before I met my Prince. He may have a few more kinks in his armour but I adore him just the same.

Holding onto my inner Faerie Princess has helped me through a lot in my life. When times get tough I always remember this.

And as a woman my mantra has always been this, I think they are good words to live by for all of us Faerie Princesses.

Images from PINTEREST not including the Frog Prince which is mine from my Etsy Shop WICKED FAERIE QUEEN.


  1. I really enjoyed this post! Great pictures! Love the castle on top of the rock! Thanks for the great message--it always helps to get a little reminder!


  2. Did you try saying "bibbledy bobbledy boo" ? LOL
    I needed this one today, getting too much into misanthropy, yuck. I hope its never too late because I'm feeling it.