Sunday, March 4, 2012


We have had a rather rough weekend, I am taking a little breather to post and regroup. Our beautiful Penny, who is almost 15 years old had a fall on Friday. It was quite warm here, finally, so we let her stay outside while we went out for a few hours. When we came home she was lying in the yard not moving. She must have fallen and got stuck over the garden partition which is only a few inches high. She has bad hips so she could not get up. You could see by the moved gravel that she had tried.

This is what she looked like all day on Saturday. She would not eat or even drink and she was a little out of it. We had to help her up and walk her on a lead outside. We thought that this was the end. She has missed Duffy so much and this horrible weather does not help. I spend almost all day and evening in tears thinking that we would have to make a final trip to the vet. This morning my husband woke me with the good news that she had a sparkle in her eye, ate breakfast and was getting up just fine. I know we will lose her soon enough but I wish she could have one last summer, she loves the summer. I have never felt to bad in my life coming home to her just lying there so helpless. This will not happen again. We are going to make whatever time she has left very comfortable and never leave her out alone. It is the hardest thing when you furry family ages.

Since I did not leave the house yesterday and wanted to stay close to Penny, I sat in the kitchen and finished my Wedding Ring Holders which I am putting in my Etsy Shop WICKED FAERIE QUEEN.

I hope you have all had a nice weekend and better weather than me. I look forward to reading your posts about some sunny spring days. If you get some time pop over to my gardening blog LUCYS GARDEN where I am having a look at Topiaries.


  1. I will say a prayer to St. Francis to watch over your sweet Penny. I know how you feel.

    The last 6 months of Kodak's life he could not climb the stairs to go to bed with us. So during the work week I slept on the couch with him and the weekend my husband did. I know most people wouldn't understand but he slept with us since the day we brought him home from the rescue and he would try to get up the stairs to be with us.

    Your ring box is very sweet.


    1. Marsha, I understand completely and you are a very, very good woman! When our big guy had his (numerous) knee surgeries and couldn't get up our stairs, my hubby and I also took turns sleeping downstairs with him so he would not be alone. They are our kids, what can you say?

  2. Thank goodness Penny is OK, my heart was in my throat when I started to read your post. I can well imagine how badly you feel, but if it helps at all you had the best of intentions by letting her out to enjoy the warmth of the sun on her old bones. Our furry children are with us for much too short a time and their loss, or even the thought of their loss, leaves such a gaping hole in our hearts. Love her to death every day that you are lucky enough to have her with you and I hope that the warm weather that she loves comes soon to you in Ontario. Big {{hugs}} to you and Penny, Deb

  3. Sending love for you and your sweet Penny. We have 7 dogs and I know exactly how you feel. Ours are like our children.


  4. Oh honey, I know that dark feeling of coming home to find your beloved laying helpless like that. The same thing happened to me when I'd brought Dan home from an outpatient surgery only our little Piper had passed away while we were gone. I had to call my father in law to help me bury her because Dan was not physically able. Oh it was one of the worst days of my life. It just breaks my heart for Penny and you as well. She is so lucky to have you for her mamma. What a beautiful baby.

    Your ring boxes are gorgeous. Beautiful work, my lovely friend. My thoughts are with you all.

  5. so glad she is ok. Hope Penny will keep that sparkle in her eye for another summer or more

    Hugs to you

  6. Glad Penny is Ok.It is hard losing them like losing a member of the family except they usually are much more Blessings!~Amy

  7. Blessings to you and Penny. She's a dear sweet dog, you can tell just by looking at her. I miss my dogs. It is so difficult when they pass on to the next life. I hope Penny will have a beautiful summer with you and that the memories that have yet to be made will fill everyone with happiness and peace. Sending Penny and you and your husband loving hugs,

    Oh yes, you're wedding ring boxes are adorable. I'd never have thought of doing something like that. Very pretty.

  8. I hope your little Penny continues to feel better. How hard it is when our friends get old. Good wishes to her.

  9. aww I'm like you. Spend time with her and love her while you have her. I'm glad she is feeling better! I hope n pray you have her for many more happy months!

  10. Oh, I just read this ... it brought tears to my eyes ... we all do so love our furry family members ... and I was so glad to hear Penny is on the mend.

    Love and Kisses