Friday, March 2, 2012


When I was a little girl my grandfather made me soft boiled eggs all the time. They were my favourite. I had my own egg cup, the lovely little green dog above. I enjoyed the crack of the egg and the anticipation of the orange-yellowy yolk that awaited my toast soldiers to be dipped in and savoured. Yummmm!

Eggs in a cup are still my favourite way to enjoy the simple pleasure of an egg. The strange thing though is that the grocery store eggs do not often fit the vintage egg cups. If you have a two sided cup you can put it on the warming side but it is a little large. The eggs from the store are so vitamin induced that they are really quite large. I never thought about it until I started to buy my eggs from our local farmer.

The organic eggs we get from them are small and perfect ( I showed them in an earlier post). They sit proudly in my little egg cup and they are a delicious reminder of my childhood.

I do not know if serving eggs in a cup has gone out of style. Do busy parents take the time to make this simple delight for their children? I did it for our son and he still loves it. Now that we have a little granddaughter she too will know the joys of having her own little egg cup and dipping her soldiers in the golden goodness of a sweet egg.

Whether you have vintage egg cups or the lovely newer ones like the bunny & lettered ones above from Emma Bridgewater, how about this weekend, instead of getting out the cereal, make some eggs in a cup with toast soldiers and enjoy the pleasure of the simple egg.


  1. Over here in England there was some hysteria a few years ago, and we were all advised to boil the life out of any egg and not leave the yolk runny. I think the boiled egg seemed to fall out of favour after that. Of course I ignore the advice and still enjoy a boiled egg with soldiers from time to time.

  2. These are all so precious! I try to pick them up if I see them at the thrift store! So much fun! ♥

  3. What an assortment of beautiful egg cups. I have a question. Why do the pedestal type
    have two open ends?

  4. I love the post. what are soldiers? lol I hope you don't think I'm a dummy for asking.

  5. These are sooooo cute!

    My Mom used to make us soft boiled eggs on toast (with a little circle cut out of the middle of the toast with the egg in it) and we would call it "Toad in a Hole" :)

    Happy Weekend!

  6. I don't know it you've seen it, but I have an egg cup collection - mostly figural egg cups. It all started with a Fanny Farmer egg cup given to me as a child from my godparents. I think I have about 30 or 40 of them and I love them. So many of them are sweet and whimsical.


  7. I don't care for soft boiled eggs but I truly love these egg cups. Vintage or modern, they are so gorgeous and fun. I do eat a lot of hard boiled eggs. Maybe I can peel it and then place it in the cup? Hmmm...