Thursday, March 1, 2012

Finally March is here. Now I don't know if you believe in the in like a lion out like a lamb saying but if that is true our March here seems to be coming in like a sweet little lamb. It is going to be warm tomorrow and the rain has washed away the snow. I just hope it is a gentle lion at the end of the month.

And let us welcome March with the Goddess Flora. The Roman goddess of flowers, gardens and spring. Flora emobides the beauty and riotous abundance of nature. She is associated not only with the flowering plants but also with the bloom of youth and its pleasures. Her festival , the Floralia, which is held in late April and early May, probably gave rise to the maypole dance and the distribution of may baskets of flowers. Flora proudly bears the title Lady of Pleasure, reminding us of the joys of sensual indulgence, youth and spring return.

One final note. I have been having a problem with my photos. I have a Mac and for some reason when I load my photos onto the computer it is tripling them. I also don't get them put on in order some end up in the middle of my already saved photos. Does anyone know of a program that will detect double and triples and get rid of them? I really need some help I have over 20,000 photos on my computer and it is taking forever to just delete them, I would really appreciate any input.

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  1. Good Morning! I always love looking at the photos you post. I can't help with the tech question unfortunately. I'm glad your weather is fair. SO many awful storms going on yesterday and today.

  2. Hi. About your photo problem ... I'm not a tech wizard, but have you checked your photo program ... something must be set on three ... but don't ask me where to find it ... my daughter helps me with all this stuff.

    Good Luck, I know you'll get this figured out.
    Happiness to all.