Tuesday, February 28, 2012


When I was a little girl I loved to play with my Grandmother's jewelry. Being an Antiques Dealer she liked to keep her jewelry in beautiful old Victorian containers. I especially liked the RING BOXES.

I loved holding them in my hands. Running my little fingers over the worn leather and opening the box then closing it with that unique snap you only hear from an anitque ring box.

I adored the heart shaped ones like this one from HOUSEWARMING on Etsy.

There was something about the heart shaped box. How romantic to have the one you love hand you this little jewel of a box. What was inside was wonderful, but the heart shaped box would sit on your dressing table as if to say "Remember me, I hold the key to your lovers heart".

I believe they put as much work into the ring box as they did the ring itself. The box was an extension of the ring, they were a pair. I love the height of the old ones, the little latches and the lining proudly dispalying the jewellers name.

And those woman who were lucky enough to receive a ring from Cartier in a box like this one I am sure never got rid of it, I know I would not.

You can still find these gorgeous RING BOXES online at sites like Etsy and Ebay or at Antique Shops & Auctions. I am going to make some, which I am working on today, as my homage to my Grandmother's good taste and try and bring back the marriage between the container the ring comes in and the ring itself. I am hoping these little jewels I am creating will perhaps become the precious pieces that sit on the dressing tables of future brides reminding them that they hold the key to their lovers heart.

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  1. Oh Sue, these are exquisite! I had forgotten all about these treasures. Today the boxes are so blah. Just like any other box rather than as you say, "an extension of the ring", which is the perfect description. I cannot wait to see the ones you make. I know they will be amazing.

  2. Those boxes are so beautiful! Definitely as artful as the jewelry that they were designed to showcase. Makes me long for that bygone era!

  3. I really LOVE the heart shaped red one!

  4. I love this post so much!
    I feelthe same!
    I love the way you are so romantic about things :)

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  6. So lovely...everything now is cookie cutter. I've grown up in the generic generation, lol.

  7. I love all those antique ring boxes! You know me if it's anything antique wedding I'm all over it! I do agree, it's all about the presentation! xo-cindy