Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I have not posted since last Friday. We went to visit our son and his family on Saturday. We had a lovely visit and when it was time to leave my son wanted to show me his new lawnmower so we went to the garage. Now first let me say that he has two adorable cats, Jinx and Kaysar. They are indoor cats but Kaysar is always at the front door. We went out the garage door and left for home. I called when we arrived to hear my sons upset voice that Kaysar had gotten out. We do not know how it happened but the front door was open when my daughter-in-law came upstairs. This is what happens when you change routine. We always leave from the front door and our son goes back in and locks it, this time he came in from the garage. The door must not have shut tight. We drove back that night, around 45 minutes. We searched for hours. On Sunday they made flyers and have called all of the shelters. I drove my husband home and came back to stay so my daughter-in-law could put up more flyers and look again on Monday. I took care of the baby. So far no luck. I hold out hope because they are in a quiet neighbourhood and I think being an indoor cat he is close but scared. If you have had this happen any encouragement would be appreciated. Also, my daughter-in-law, Natasha has a post about her beloved Kaysar on her blog ORCHIDS TO ASHES so if you have an encouraging comment or story it might really help her she is just devastated. Please put out all of you positive energy for this little guy.

On a happier note, here are two of the Wedding Pillows from my Spring collection in my Etsy shop Wicked Faerie Queen.

Also, I was posting about my 1 YEAR ANNIVERSAY GIVEAWAY which is on April 12th. but with all that has happened I will do it tomorrow so stop by.


  1. One time my neighbors cat went missing and 3 months later it came back! My friends dog went missing and 3 months later someone returned it. These stories are stories of hope. I think cats are very smart and believe that cat will come home when she gets through playing around. Let us know when she returns home and keep the faith. Hugs.

    1. Sorry I read its a he not a she. Also those pillows are so adorable!

  2. I know how heart-wrenching a missing cat can be. Kaysar will return home safe with all the energy and love that is waiting for him.

    Blessed be to Kaysar and your family until they re-unite!!

  3. Thank you for your post, and all your help and support. The hopeful stories do help. I still cry because I miss him and am worried for him, but I believe he is meant to be with us and will find a way back.

  4. Oh Sue, I am heart broken to hear this. Let's hope that sweet baby turns up. I have had a cat missing for 2 weeks who did return. I believe I will go see Natasha and share with her. She must be terrified and heart broken. Hugs, sweetie.

  5. Hi Sue,
    Just popped by to see if there was any news on Kaysar. I left a comment on you daughter in laws blog.
    Sending love