Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Nothing says summer like a porch.
We live in a 235 year old farmhouse which originally only had one porch.
Over the years we had added a porch to each side of the house and a large wrap around all the way to the back ending with a large summer porch and going into our screened-in room.
I love porches so much I keep looking for another spot to add one.
I treat my porches like rooms in my house. They all have lovely seating areas, very comfy. I really like these ones, so lovely they just say "Come and sit a while".
Whether it is tiny are wraps around a house a porch just adds a finishing touch. We will drive past a house and I always say it would look so much more welcoming with a porch.
Now wouldn't you want to sit on one of these porches for an afternoon? The sun shining, the birds singing and nothing to do but sip ice tea, read a good book and do nothing.
Oh, aren't these just breathtaking! I can just see myself sitting overlooking a cool lake on a hot day. I just love the second house, heaven.
If you do not have a porch on your house you might just want one after seeing these gorgeous sitting spots. I especially like this little beauty. Screened in and just big enough for a nice chair for me!
The first four pictures are mine the rest are from PINTEREST. Stop by my blog LUCYS GARDEN today for some lovely Geraniums.


  1. Oh, I do love porches too and yours are very cozy and inviting. Love the other examples too. Thanks for stopping by my blog and giveaway - I'm following you now too.

  2. We don't really have porches like yours over here, more's the pity. However, I have decided when we buy our next house I am going to make sure there is room to add a porch at the back.

  3. Oh yes yes yes, porches where the breezes dance and the birdsongs waft amid rustling summer leaves fill the soul!
    At the end of each (warm)Spring/Summer/Fall day I linger ever-so-contentedly upon mine... I'll have to snap an image or two when all the wicker again bejewels her (wintered still in the barn as we had 8 inches of snow this week) But not many more days till 'porch' awaits at the end of each day for hours shared!