Friday, April 13, 2012


Well, it is Friday the 13th. which happens to be my lucky number and my lucky day. I want to start by thanking all of you who sent me lovely Birthday Wishes yesterday. I had a wonderful day.

As you all know I was a little blue the other day. Yesterday something amazing happened...I found my bliss again and I am smiling, even laughing.

I hope to have some really great news to share will you all this weekend. A life changing event will be taking place here tomorrow, for the better. It has brought my happy back.

It is Friday the 13th. as I said and it is not just my lucky day it is a lucky day for the WINNER of my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSAY GIVEAWAY.

Because of the multiple entries with each person I decided to do the draw the old fashioned way. I wrote down all of the entries and put them into my grandmothers old wooden bowl.

Then I had my lovely assistant (my hubby) draw a name. AND THE WINNER IS................

JENN ERICKSON!!!!!!! Congratulations Jenn please send me your info and I will get everything sent to you right away.

Thanks to everyone who entered and to all of you who are now following LUCYS GARDEN too. I will be having a MAYDAY GIVEAWAY, so stay tuned.

And remember....

Images from PINTEREST just not the bowl ones.


  1. I really pleased to hear that you are feeling happy again, and I am very much looking forward to your news.
    That picture with the camel and the laughing child is just too funny!

  2. My prize was that kitty's smile, so cute!

    Congrats Jenn!

  3. Sending a huge congratulations to Jenn! I hope you spill over with happiness, sweet Sue. You are beyond deserving of it.

  4. Congrats, Jenn!
    The 13th is my lucky number also, Sue. Some of my best birthdays have been on Friday the 13. I also opened my Etsy shop one year ago today!
    Congrats, Sue and great giveaway-

  5. I'm so happy you found your happy again! I can't wait to see what your positive life changing event will be. Oh... that should be today! Right? I will be keeping my eye open for your post.

    Congrats, Jenn! Lucky Friday the 13th comes through again.

    Keep on smiling!

    Hugs and blessings,