Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I have had my raised garden for around 13 years now. I just love it.

It sits in the centre of our property surrounded by field and trees. It is easy to maintain, being waist level, and it looks beautiful. Unfortunately, it is falling apart. I had four large raised garden beds and last spring one of them almost fell completely apart. This spring I saw that the largest one was starting to rot and buckle.

The gardens are a compilation of flowers, herbs, and vegetables so making them out of treated lumber was not an option. With our cold winters and wet springs they have held up quite well but I know that we will have to build them all from scratch in 2013. For now I hope the remainder stay standing and the one we are going to take apart so I think it is time to give the whole garden a makeover.

Although I will always have the raised beds I do still plant around them. I love the idea of some kind of gate or trellis entrance and I love the thought of filling around the bottom with lots of greenery.

Our growing season is quite short here so I do incorporate a lot of container around my gardens.

The old garden bench I made years ago is no good and I am losing the one raised bed this year so I will have to put a bench there. I will make something whimsical, I have some great ideas.

I do love natural clay pots. These two ideas I am definately doing. The pot wreath is gorgeous. I saw it on the blog the BEE KNEES BUNGALOW. I love this blog which I found through PINTEREST. I find that PINTEREST is not only a great picture source but I really like the blogs I find connected to the pictures. You can get the directions for the stacking pots at INSTUCTABLES SHARE WHAT YOU MAKE.

Next summer we are building our little darling granddaugher a Faerie Playhouse. It may not happen this summer but I think that her Bella (that is what she calls me) needs one too.

So I will be posting the progress of my Garden Redo whenever the weather permits me to start. Also on LUCYS GARDEN today, I have a post about the heirloom vegetable garden I am going to plant on the other side of our property. That will be an ongoing post all summer.

I will leave you today with one last picture, not something I am doing in my own yard, although I would love this, but just a lovely view.

The first 6 pics are mine the rest are from PINTEREST.


  1. What a beautiful post today Sue. My SIL has those stacked pots and raised vegetable beds too. We don't need much garden anymore since our son grows everything imaginable. Glad to hear someone has sampled the purple tomatoes. I may put me a lemon pepper plant in my Topsy Turvy if I can find the plants. We love Hot Pepper jelly on cream cheese. I am going to enjoy your garden activities.

  2. I'm think of doing the stack pots this year and would love to try the wreath made from pots! Love looking at every ones pretty gardens. My whole yard needs help and lots of it!

  3. So happy to hear your thoughts of garden planning. I just love herbs of any kind. Plants, like animals, are a very healing part of nature. I think Rufus has helped you immensely and I bet he will love gardening too!!! Happy wondrous glorious SPRING to you and your family.

  4. Have fun! You and my mom have the same gardening taste; I can't wait to see what you come up with,