Saturday, May 12, 2012

It is a perfect morning today. The sun is shining down on my little side porch. I got up early, made a coffee and sat on the porch enjoying the serenity of this fabulous morning. I suddenly found myself smiling. I realized that at this moment I am truly happy. I have found bliss. I was smiling because the other man who has come into my life was contently staring up at me with so much love in his deep brown eyes.

Yes, as my husband slept contently in this morning, the other man in my life and I enjoyed the beautiful morning sharing a cookie and coffee. My gorgeous boy, Rufus, just brings a smile to my face every time I look at him.

Just watching him play with the endless supply of sticks he finds and rips off the trees, or the balls that had been long forgotten in the field, brings joy to my life.

It brings me such happiness knowing that we have given this beautiful creature a forever home. Seeing him bolt through the trees and gallop towards us when he see us is just so wonderful.

He has managed to do what none of our other dogs have done. The first day he jumped into the big kitchen chair ( which is now officially his, until we get him a friend anyway) and he now resides on the sofa in my computer room as I work.

I don't care about having to wash the wood floors three times a week or covering the chair with a blanket, something that would have driven me crazy a few years ago. Having this amazing, loving, wacky dog in our lives is worth every dirty paw print on the floors.


  1. So glad he has bought you so much love and joy.Yes when we are in love the little things like dirty floors or a old blanket messing up your decor no longer matter.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Oh, thank you so much for sharing Rufus with us. It is such a pleasure to see him and read your wonderful stories about him.

    Happinss to all.

  3. Such a lovely post!
    Rufus is such a handsome boy & a lucky one

  4. So glad that you have found true happiness. As the first time mom of a rescue dog, I know exactly what you mean. Who knew all the love that can come from a sweet dog :)
    Blessings, Patti

  5. Rufus has clearly made himself right at home, he looks so happy and contented.
    I didn't get to make the cake because our boy picked up, and swallowed, a small ball he found on a walk. So we spent the afternoon at the vet's making sure he was all right! The vet thinks it is small enough to let nature take its course ;)