Thursday, May 31, 2012


It was a beautiful day on Tuesday. We got a lot done in the gardens and decided to visit our son, lovely daughter-in-law and sweet granddaughter. Such a gorgeous day I took some pictures of our very small village on the way.

This was a railroad running through the village right across the back of our property. It is now the Rail Trail which you can walk or ride across part of our Province.

Until around 12 years ago this was our General Store. It was the hub of the village. After changing hands several times and being left empty, it was turned into a residence, I really miss that store, there are no shops left in the village now.

We have a lot of lovely historical homes here. Many, like mine, are wood frame but a few a large brick like this one right on the corner of the village. There was a funeral home, hotel and a mill over 100 years ago but they are long since turned into homes.

I love it here. We are surrounded by open farm land. Lots of fields and rolling hills.

This is one of my favourite farms. They used to raise my adorable Jersey cows. They were adorable and so curious and gentle. They sold them a few years ago and now just raise regular dairy cattle and the most beautiful work horses which they show.

It was getting close to milking time and this very pregnant mommy and her calf were headed up to the barns.

I just love this time of year with all of the new babies. Here is a mother and her adorable baby. She is around a month old.

This little guy realized everyone was leaving and made a run for the barn.

Off they go and off we go. Perfect day for a nice drive.

Finally put some new things of 13 MOCKINGBIRDS and finished the garden on LUCYS GARDEN pop over for a peek.


  1. Such a lovely tour of your absolutely picturesque and sublime village!

  2. Such beauty to be surrounded by every day. I, too live in the country and cannot imagine living anywhere else.

  3. Your village looks delightful. It is such a shame when the village shop disappears, but the big supermarkets make it very difficult for them.
    It is so great seeing the new babies each spring. We are surrounded by lambs here.