Friday, June 1, 2012


Can you believe these two beautiful babies have only been with us a short time? It has only been 2 weeks for sweet Daisy and going on 7 for Rufus. I have been cleaning my studio for the past week and as you can see they have taken over.

Rufus had, of course, been out there with me already but this was Daisy's first time. As you can see she jumped up on the sofa and felt like it was made for her. This could have something to do with the fact that in the house Rufus has his kitchen chair and he sleeps on the sofa in the computer room while I work and Daisy is on the floor. I did not have the heart to make her get down. She is so dainty you would never know she was so big when she curls up on the sofa.

Finally after a very long week of vaccuming, washing, dusting, clearing out and moving furniture to wash the floors I finished cleaning the studio last night. As you can see Daisy never moved. It still amazes me how dirty it gets out there during the winter. Living in the country every little mouse seems to get into the studio and set up home for the winter. I store my supplies in large bins and at least 3 every year has had a mouse make a house in there. And the dust! Well, it is finally done and now I can actually get some things made for my Etsy Shops.

All nice and clean! Come on Daisy, now we have to start in the house.


  1. That sofa does look like it was made with Daisy in mind! She and it are perfectly colour coordinated.
    Your studio always looks so inviting. What a wonderful place to work.

  2. That first photo with Daisy on the couch made me smile. Yeah, she looks pretty at ease with her new surroundings.

  3. Happy June 1st to you, and I think you will agree it's happy when I tell you that I drew your name for the First Place winner in my Celebration Giveaway at Special Paper Projects. Congratulations, you have won a sweet French Pillow and a beautiful handmade card. If you could contact me with your mailing address, that would be great!