Thursday, June 7, 2012


Yesterday did not start out too well. I was still really tired from being ill on the weekend. Do you ever get like that where you just could lie down and sleep in the middle of the day. Well I could not and did not want to do that. Our son was coming for a visit and Jan from the RESCUE DOGS MATCH was stopping by.

I had a nice lunch with our son and a little visit with Jan. Later in the evening it started to rain. When we were saying goodbye to our son he noticed a beautiful rainbow right near the house. I managed to take a couple of pictures before it faded into faerie land.

So what started out as a rather ho hum day turned into an evening of rainbows touched with magic ending with a gorgeous full moon. I did notice that I need to touch of my sign coming into the yard though. Wearing out a bit.

Daisy is feeling great today. She wanted to show you her clean, white teeth. She is very proud. She has been such a good girl with her stitches. She is in the house and just leaves the cats alone. Everything is working out great. Today I actually have a whole day that we can be in the studio working. The wedding pillows in my Etsy Shop WICKED FAERIE QUEEN are getting low so I think that will be the order of the day.

Yesterday I mentioned that Jan from RESCUE DOGS MATCH had started a blog called AUGIE,S BLOG. It is very cute and from the perspective of her sweet little dog Augie. He will be telling you about his life and his wonderful mommy Jan and her friend Brenda who have started their own Dog Rescue, DOGS RESCUE MATCH. Jan is just starting out in the Blogging World. These are the wonderful women who brought us Rufus and Daisy. This Rescue means an awful lot to me and I plan on helping them with fund raising and whatever else I can.

We all know what it was like when we started our blogs. Would anyone read it? Is anyone out there? What will I write? I have been embraced by all of you lovely bloggers and have formed some true friendships. I have learned that there is true power in blogging. I have seen people reach out in times of need, share their happiness and their sorrow, we really are a community, an extended family. Let us all welcome Jan by stopping over to AUGIE'S BLOG and following her and leaving a comment. It would mean the world to me.

Starting tomorrow, I will be having a new GIVEAWAY in honour of my new darlings Rufus & Daisy and because my heart is so full of love for the Rescue Dogs that Brenda and Jan work so selflessly to place in loving homes. I do not know what the prizes will be but I am working on that now so drop by tomorrow.


  1. On my way over to visit Augie's Blog:) Zach told me how lovely Daisy is, I look forward to meeting her. He also mentioned the rainbow. I am glad you posted pics so I could pretty!

  2. Hello there dearest! Sooooo good to see you today! Thank you for coming by! Oh your love for dogs is as mine. These sweet creatures give us so much love that rescuing them is THE THING TO DO. My husband and I want to adopt a dog very soon; I resigned from my full time teaching job and hopefully that will mean that since I will be home more, we can swing it.

    Are you familiar with George the Lad or Molly the Wally out in England??? OH how funny those two blogs are. Molly is quite the writer; she is a mix of some kind and her EYES SCARE ME! She is one TOP DOG. George has enchanted me for at least 3 years now and he is one silly Welsh terrier that smiles...really!

    Enjoy your day! Anita

  3. Sorry to hear you're still feeling run down from your illness; hope you feel better soon! *Hugs*

    That rainbow was the perfect thing to brighten your day! :)