Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Sweet Daisy came home yesterday. She was a real trooper. They just loved her at the vets because she is so gentle. She had the big cone on her head but we only put it on her at night now when we are not watching her.

We got her a brand new toy as a welcome home present and she loves it. She got her lovely teeth cleaned and they are perfectly white now so the toy may help keep them shiny.

Poor Rufus has missed her so much he does not understand why they can't play. The both get so happy to see each other.

But they play very rough so for a week they have to just look at each other through the gates.

The still love each other though. Rufus keeps checking on her and they play through the gate.

Daisy is on medication so she gets tired, which is good because she ignores her stitches.

Stella and Luca aren't too thrilled to have Daisy in the house more. They are not quite used to the "White Giant" yet. Mind you, she just ignores them now anyway.

Right now she is on Rufus's sofa while I do my posts. So glad to have our darling girl home. I will be having a GIVEAWAY in Daisy's honour probably starting tomorrow. I just have to decide what the prize will be.

I will also have some news about a new blog from Jan at RESCUE DOGS MATCH. She has just started it so tomorrow I will give you the info. I know how we all like to help our new blogging buddies.

Pop on over to LUCYS GARDEN today for a great Tomato Recipe and some more garden pictures.


  1. Ha ha, Rufus may not be getting "his" sofa back!!! Oh, dear, we to that too, when a fur baby comes home from an opeartion, there's always a new toy, or when I go to Pleasanton, I always bring home a toy from the doggie store!!!


  2. Glad all turned out well for Daisy.


  3. I am so glad Daisy is home. It is so hard when we have to leave our little loves overnight at the vet. I am always afraid they will think I have abandoned them. She is so beautiful and a perfect mate for Rufus. They are both so blessed to have come to your warm and loving home.

    Stella and Luca must be having quite an experience with these two big mates in their home. ;-) I will certainly join Jan's new blog as soon as she has it up and running. Wishing you a beautiful remaining week, my lovely friend. Mina

  4. Oh, isn't it just heartbreaking to finally give a loving home to a wonderful animal only to have to haul her off to a scary place and leave her. Then she wakes up and wonders if you were only a dream? With your special heart Daisy and Rufus will forget all about those few bad moments and get right back into the royal life they so deserve. So glad that you, too, are in such a good place after losing your beloved Penny & Duffy.

  5. Bet you're glad to have her home, and bet she'll be glad when that cone isn't needed any more!