Saturday, July 21, 2012


I have had a love affair with the colour Red most of my life. As an Aries it is my colour.

We had a lot of old movies theatres in the city I grew up near, they are long gone now. I used to love to go there, sometimes I did not care what movie was playing, I just loved to sit in the plush red seats. Every old movie theatre had them. I guess at the time they were built red seats meant elegance, a trip to the movie theatre was special then.

I just adore seeing a red barn. They seem so bright and cheery. Red shutters, whether new or worn just make a house pop.

I have never actually seen a red gate but after seeing this one I just have to put one somewhere on the farm. My doors are all red, I just think seeing a red door on a house draws you in.

How wonderful it must be to have a red phone booth. You would always now where they were if you had to find one.

Oh, and a red car, you can't miss one of those. It does not matter whether it is a pricey sports car or a simple little bug, you can't help but notice a red car coming your way.

When I was remodeling our kitchen, I really wanted a red Aga. Unfortunately it would have been the cost of remodeling and a small car. I do love red appliances, I have small ones but one day who knows.

A red sofa is a bold statement. It almost says " Come, sit, lounge, you know you want to."

When you flip through a magazine and come across an ad with red in it you just stop and look, you can't help it.

A woman who wears red lipstick knows she will be glanced at. Red lips just look kissable.

Oh, red shoes! I have had many pairs over the years. They just make me feel special. And what gives more confidence than wearing a red dress. Even a pair of Wellies in red makes working on the farm feel a little special.

Red Hair! I wish I had the guts to dye my hair one of these shades even for a little while. Shocking, bold, sensual, those are the words that come to mind when I see these animated shades of red hair.

Even Little Red Riding Hood had the right idea. She should not have been wearing such a luscious, bright colour when walking through the woods but she just couldn't resist.

That is how I feel. Red is alluring. Red is timeless. In fashion, decor and life it is a scrumpious, comforting, delicously decadent colour that adds a little thrill to your life. Be bold, be brave, grab yourself something red.

Just two more days to enter my FEEL THE LOVE GIVEAWAY so go to this post and do so today.

Images from PINTEREST.


  1. My favourite colour is purple. I like red and blue too though... Besides, they help make purple!

  2. I have never cared much for the color red, until a few months ago. Now I am trying to put more red into our home. I just bought some fabric to make curtains for our kitchen next year when we remodel it and yes the fabric is red and ivory.

  3. Your photo gallery devoted to the color red could make a red-lover out of anyone! It's truly breathtaking! Beautifully curated and narrated as well.

    Your new blog background and header are really stunning as well!


  4. Red does make you stop and take a second look! Love red myself!

  5. Hello Sue, great red post, loved it. Beautiful red gate, shutters,oh everything, thanks for making me smile. Blessings Francine.

  6. I love red, too, and have quite a bit of it here in the cottage. It makes me happy!


  7. I've just had a pedicure, and chose red nail varnish, as I do every single time! I am an Aries too. I didn't know red was our colour, perhaps it explains my toes!

  8. I LOVE this post and I love red as well. It is so vibrant and alive. Certainly an Aries color! Your images are amazing.

    My daughter has dark hair, blue eyes and pale skin and looks absolutly striking in red, particularly the red lipstick.