Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I was going to do a post today about our Thanksgiving but I have been so busy getting out the Halloween things and putting away the Thanksgiving things I thought I would start my
HALLOWEEN SPOOKTAKULAR today since I already had some photos ready to go.

I thought I would start with a Black & White Halloween. I have really been into the Moon Pumpkins the past couple of years. There is just something so ghostly about them. If you can't find any you can just paint the regular one white and you can write on them or put pictures on them.

 I love this hall arrangement in black & white. Very classy yet spooky.

   Love, love, love these dancing spirit dresses. I know I had them on last Halloween's posts but they are so lovely I posted them again. I will do this one year. Very simple just molded chicken wire.

 These pumpkins are so delightful. Just get out the paint and use your imagination.

What a lovely entranceway. Just cut out some bats and use whatever you have that is black & white, gorgeous.

I am definately painting a black pumpkin this year.  How delicously spooky!

Oh, Halloween dishes! I have bought a few but these are amazing! Why not really go all out and have sets of Halloween dishes just like Christmas dishes.

 Now anyone can do this. Just some old frames and shutters and switch to a black shade.

 Did you ever make Christmas Trees out of old phone books when you were little? I did and this is a great idea for a project for your kids, a recycled book pumpkin!

Well, this is number 1 and lots more to come, hope you are all getting your homes decked out in cobwebs and pumpkins and having a great time doing it!

Images from PINTEREST.


  1. Hi Sue, love the post, everything looks so ghoul, tee hee. Love the dancing spirit dreeses, now neat is that. My fav... the Ichabod white pumpkin, love it. Blessings Francine.

  2. So pretty, and still haunting. I'm going to have to go buy some chicken wire. Thanks.

  3. i love all these ideas! the spirit gowns are my favorite, i think! :-)


  4. I love Halloween..My daughter is a Halloween child..
    These are all wonderous ideas, oh so magical.

  5. Sooooo many wonderful ideas, love them all! I find the black and white effect so striking. Last year I finally found myself a plastic white pumpkin and I just love it...I carved it like a real pumpkin and have little black spiders glued to it. Will post pictures of it soon:) The chicken wire gowns are gorgeous!! xo

  6. Wow...and more wow!! I think I'm glad I stay away from Pinterest....I'd never leave. What amazing and clever creations and vignettes. But, yeah...those dancing gowns and the Ichabod pumpkin are the best!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Ooooh Sue! I love your Halloween Spooktakular! This post is amazing sweetie. Hugs, Mina