Friday, October 12, 2012


I have been lucky enough in my life to have had several black cats as my loving companions. Our last one, Jack, was one our son picked from a farm litter when he was 8 years old. He adored him, we all did. He now has a doppelganger of Jack named Jinx. Black cats are a gentle breed. Loving and loyal. Symbols of both good and bad luck.  Friends of witches. The animal we associate most with Halloween.

In England, Ireland and Scotland, black cats are considered good luck. In Scotland a Fairy name Cath Sith would turn into a black cat and if he turned up on your doorstep it meant prosperity. Japan also considers the black cat a symbol of good luck. If a lady owns a black cat she is considered to be one with many suitors (my husband won't like that). Charles lst. said when his beloved black cat died he lost all of his luck. It was the Pilgrims who brought the myth of black cats being evil to the Western World. With their puritan beliefs that any woman who was independent or a healer was a witch and if she owned a black cat it was her familiar, gave a bad name to the poor creatures.

 Even now black cats and black dogs are rarely adopted at shelters, they are the ones I am attracted to first. August 17th. , 2011 was the first Black Cat Appreciation Day. Wayne H. Morris made it a day in memory of his sister who passed away and her 20 year old black cat Sinbad who died just two months before. He hopes it will bring awareness of the lack of adoptions of black cats and people will open their eyes and realize how silly it is.

There is one thing that is true. Those of us of the witch persuasion do love our black cats. Not necessarily as familiars but for their devotion and kindness. I love them as symbols of Halloween. Their jet black against the orange of the pumpkins is striking. These black cat pillows are puuurrrfect for Halloween.

I love vintage pictures of black cats, alway sitting by their witch.

The cupcakes look delicious and beautiful topped with black cats. And Hello Kitty! How cute are these cookies from CUPOOKIE .COM.

Silhouettes are a simple and lovely way to add images of black cats for Halloween. How easy is this, just black paper, a frame and off you go.

You can also buy some lovely silhouettes for Halloween like these from WISTERIA.

I never thought of making pumpkins into black cats but these from FUN & FESTIVE WEEKEND PROJECTS are fabulous. Go there for some very easy directions.

How about a piece of black cat cake.

On a black cat plate.

I just had to show you this. How amazing! Someone took the time to make this  kitty into a skeleton for Halloween and the amazing thing to me is the kitty let them.

So for good luck, bad luck or just the love of these black beauties, let us celebrate the Black Cat this Halloween. No one has told this little guy he is not a black cat so let him have fun on Halloween too.

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  1. What an amazing collection of black cat photos. The black cat on the pumpkin at the top is beautiful. Have a wonderful day.

  2. I love my little black kitties too. I had Gertie who had no tail in addition to being solid black and she loved her momma but barely tolerated anyone else. After Gertie, we adopted Maggie Mae who was also a Momma's girl to the point she would wake me up at night nursing on my hair, neck, arm, ect. After Maggie was killed, we agreed no black kitty was to be adopted again and then we found Clarice. She's a tuxedo but she stole my heart the moment I saw her and hasn't given it back yet.

  3. Hey Sue, I love all cats even the blackest of them, my Sis- in-law has the sweetest dainty black kitty, love ya to death. I also love the vintage pictures of Halloween black kitties with pumpkins, looks so great. Wonderful post and pictures, thanks. Enjoy the weekend, Blessings Francine.

  4. I have had several black cats and it seems like so many of the ferrel cats are black? My last two just showed up! My mother's favorite cat was BOO, she still thinks about him!! I hope all the animal shelters forbid the adoption of any black cats for the month of October! Loved your post, Happy Halloween!!xoxoxo-cindy

  5. I would love to have a cat, but Hubby is not a cat person. Our Daughter has five cats, one is black and she is so cute, just love her.

  6. I'll have to get a black cat widget for my blog. Come stop by for a visit and see what type of familiar I have.

  7. I love your black cat displays. I always wondered where the myth of the black cat bringing bad luck came from...I'm not superstitious, so I never gave it much thought and I've had many a black cat cross my path, even under a ladder!! LOL My grandmother also believed the number 13 brought good luck. She believed it so, she gave all her granddaughters a gold 13 charm for our bracelets when were kids. I still wear mine on a necklace now.

    Love the cats, and I especially love the "Hello Kitty" skelly cookies and those pillows..what a hoot!! Glad I came by and will return again.


  8. Great post - I adore black kitties...My very first kitty was black, with the tiniest white star under her chin. You've included some wonderful black kitty things here - but gotta say those black cat pumpkins are my favorite (and, oh...that skeleton kitty. How cool is that?? But poor, poor, kitty!!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. I love that 1st photo!
    Looks just like a chubbier Sisco!

  10. Sweet Sue, thank you for making black cats your topic of beauty and praise today. You know I adore my gentle and precious Herger so much. You are so right in that he is such a loving and loyal companion. I love all of these images you chose to go with this post as well. Wonderful information!