Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I know that my American bloggers are thinking of Thanksgiving but up here in the North we are in full Christmas mode. I am actually a little behind this year. It has been quite cold so I have not put the outside decorations up yet ( I usually have them up 2 days after Halloween because the weather has been warm in the past).

As you know I have a lot of Christmas things I have collected over the years. I opened the "Christmas Cupboard" the other day and it actually overwhelmed me. Being Norwegian, I have been looking at some of the Scandinavian blogs I follow because they have already decorated for Christmas with it being on December 13th.

I love the simplicity of Scandinavian decor. So white, simple and clean yet somehow warm at the same time. I have a lot of vintage ornaments and a lot of colour. This year I am thinking of scaling down and going more Scandinavian for my Christmas.

I just love how this looks. A white tray, a tree in white lights and white pottery. Beautiful.

I don't have a full empty wall but if I did I would do something like this. How lovely and what a great way to use all of the cookie tins I have accumulated.

Scandinavian Christmas decorating is so clean looking, lots of green, white, silver and a touch of red.

How cozy.

With the cats I cannot have the tree in the kitchen, which I love, so it is in the livingroom where they can't get it. I think this is a fabulous idea for a kitchen tree.

Sometimes less is more. These cookies look so elegant with just little icing ball ornaments instead of fully icing the cookie.

Even simple burlap can be a lovely Christmas accessory.

We celebrate St. Lucia on December 13th. so I think I will go all Scandinavian this year..........well perhaps until the 13th. and then maybe I will add some vintage colour, we'll see.


  1. So many brilliant ideas! I like the little tree on the tray, and the one made out of sticks, and that last picture is lovely, with the inside reflecting the outside.

  2. Jag visste inte att du var norska..! Då kan jag ju skriva på svenska :) Vilka inspirerande bilder. Jag har också många olika influenser, eftersom min sambo är amerikan. På det viset får man det bästa av två världar ;) Men vi hoppar också över Thanksgiving och firar istället Halloween och Jul som galningar.

  3. It`s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, great pictures.....I want to go downstairs and open the cubby under the stairs where I keep my Christmas goodies....getting in the spirit.....supposed to get snow Saturday, hope so.....Sue, how is Dexster doing????,that beautiful boy.....Blessings Francine.

  4. Love the Christmas makes me want to start decorating now...LOL. I know Thanksgiving is coming up but I've never been one to decorate for it...even though I have lots to be thankful for. :0)

  5. It was snowing here today Sue so I am in full Christmas mode! Love, love, love the cookie tin 'sconces' and I have the perfect wall for that fabulous kitchen tree, what a wonderful idea! I have always admired Scandinavian decorating and sensibilities but have too much 'stuff' to ever achieve it LOL. Thanks for the lovely pictures and inspirations as always, Deb

  6. i'm trying not to think about the winter holidays yet. i finally took down my halloween decor but left up the fall decor. it will come down the day after thanksgiving and the winter holiday decor will go up. i love all the photos you posted. so beautiful! i have lots of cookie tins and might try that idea.

  7. We still have American Thanksgiving to go before we get ready for Christmas. I love fall, so I don't mind waiting.

    Your decorations are beautiful! It looks like we could share a Pinterest board!

  8. I'm getting so many great ideas on your blog tonight! I'm just about ready to start decorating!