Friday, November 2, 2012


I have a confession to make. I AM A KNITTER! There I said it. I am one of those people who, when the colder weather approaches I get out the needles and the wool basket and I knit, all the time. I love it. I am not one of those people who can do one thing at a time. If I am watching television I have to keep my hands busy so I knit. I love wool of all colours and size.

I went on a trip with my Grandmother to New Brunswick for an Antiques Show/vacation and I was thrilled to find that where we were staying, in St. Andrews, they had a huge wool factory. We took a trip there and I went mad. I came home with my very large suitcase packed so full of hand dyed wools I could barley close it.

And knitting needles, I collect them from thrift shops and yard sales.

What do I knit? Well, for years I knit sweaters but as our son got older he didn't want any handmade sweaters and I had plenty. I just finished a cute orange and black striped Halloween sweater for my little baby girl and when our son saw it he wants a sweater now.

Right now I am into knitting scarves. They are fast and simple and anyone can make one. With the lovely new wools that are all different textures all you have to know how to do is a basic knit stitch. You should try one it is very relaxing and it may be old fashioned but it is satisfying to see what you have created in a very short time.

If you really don't want to knit you can repurpose an old sweater to make one of those cute cowl neck scarves.

Or you could just buy one. These gorgeous chunky knits are all the rage this season.

There are some nice ones on Etsy like this one from LAIMA HOUSE.

Or this one from DEROUCHEAU. 

This lovely hooded scarf from TAMARA KOTO is just divine and also available on Etsy.

What a great idea for kids. Just button this adorable scarf on and you will never lose it. Big buttons would make it easy for kids too. Get the full instuctions to make this at RAVELRY.COM.

Personally I like a really long scarf I can wrap in may different ways.

I think they look fabulous. I really like this striped one from PLUMO but at $160.00 it is a little pricey.

This Winter Word scarf is very cute from LORI'S and a little more reasonable at $30.00.

So whether you choose to knit one ( come on it's easy) or buy one, it is almost time to wrap up in a cozy scarf.


  1. Hi sue......wonderful warm knits, so pretty, happy knitting, Hugs Francine

  2. I like knitting, too, though I must say I'm really enjoying crochet. I made some cowls a few years back out of the softest wool and gave them as Christmas presents.


  3. ME, Too! I love the fact that I can create something while I'm watching t.v. Milestone moment: My son asked me to make him one in his school colors (this is a big deal, "MOM" making him something - I'm thrilled, hope he likes it). Enjoy yourself.

  4. this a great post! I have never learned to knit, but I can crochet, the photo ones are just fabulous!

  5. Sue, I have a thing for scarfs too. I don't knit.... I've tried many time but I always have the same issue....not enough hands...LOL. I'm lucky my mother is willing to knit for me....she's really good at it. :0)

  6. I love this post! I too am a knitter, but I'm a very sporadic and slow knitter. I get in the mood and get going on something only to lose my momentum. I'm currently working on a scarf for a young man who is quite special to me and also a huge Spiderman fan. Can you guess what colors? haha

  7. My mum tried so many times to teach me to knit, but without success! I recently found a jumper she had made me, about thirty years ago, tucked away in a drawer. Freya saw it, and immediately claimed it for herself!

  8. Hello dear, I'm also a knitter, among other crochet, cross stitch and embroidery. The cowls and shawls are one number one also for me. Have a nice time. Loredana, Istra, Croatia.