Saturday, November 3, 2012


Yesterday we looked at some nice scarves and today it is hats and gloves.

Yes, I do knit gloves but with so many pretty ones out there I do tend to buy them more often than make them.

Recycling old sweaters is a great way to get hand knit gloves for free. Use a favourite sweater that has seen better days or one of your kids favourite sweaters that no long fits.

Knit gloves are so beautiful now that you could wear these to a wedding or for in the wedding.

Oh, aren't these just scrumpcious!

These Corset gloves from INGA on Etsy are devishly delightful.

I am not really a mitten person unless building a snowman but I do love the look of these from AURELLJA MASIULIONYE on Etsy.

And these Snowman mittens from KUN YUE on Etsy would be adorable on Christmas Day.

These mittens from Finland are a little work of art.

And how cute are these? Another pair from KUN YUE with a hint of Spring.

No one wants hat head but I would risk it for this beauty from DIANE AND CHRISTOPHER SERVISS on Etsy.

I really like this slouchy look, I think I'll get one of these. Maybe your hair doesn't look so bad since it is so big.

This sweet LULA TURBAN from REVOLVE CLOTHING may not keep your whole head toasty but it sure does look great and your ears will stay nice and warm.

This one reminds me of Hot Chocolate.

These gorgeous REBECCA KNIT HATS from CHILLOUT at HATSHOPPING are so yummy I would want one in every colour.

Although this is about hats for grown up girls I had to show you this cutie pie little Elf Hat from ANGELA AND NANCY on Etsy. So let's grab our mittens and forget about the hat head, put on a cute hat and go for a nice long walk or....Christmas shopping!


  1. Morning cute, furbaby in the hat, my heart can`t take it!!!! great post on mitts, I love my red Canada mitts with the maple leaf on top of them.....cozy warm.....Woke up to a dusting of snow on the ground.....throw another log on the fire.......Blessings Francine.

  2. Beautifull mittens! I wish I had the patience to knit a pair of my own.