Sunday, November 4, 2012


I am facing a dilemma this Christmas. I have two 9 year old great nieces and when I asked their mother and aunt what to get them for Christmas it kind of upset me.

I hate to give gift cards or cash. I know this is the norm now but I find it impersonal, an easy way out and kind of a bad form of ettiquette. So, since I was stuck as to what 9 year old girls played with I thought it was easier to ask. Now boys are easy, give them robots, trucks, cars, or video games and your set.

I want Christmas to look like this. Present under the tree with wonder to behold.

This is what I envision when I have to give gift cards.

 Now my niece told me her daughter still likes dolls although only in private because her friends made fun of her. Can you believe this, she is 9 for pity sake. The other great niece just got her ears pierced so I thought some earrings because any toy is out of the question, she is 9 going on 19. Her father said she likes going to the movies so I guess movie passes will have to do.

When did it become embarrassing for 9 year olds to play with dolls or play house or play with any toys. I am not that old and I played with my Barbies when I was 11 and still kept them long after that.

Could it be because dolls used to look like this.

Now they look like this and that is what little girls want to look like.

When I played dress up I looked kind of like this.

And now this is considered dress up or dress rehearsal.

This saddens and upsets me. Now that I have a little baby granddaughter I will do everything to make sure her young life is filled with dolls and tea parties and the magic of being a child. Do I believe I can protect her from the chaos and pressure put upon little girls through the bet your boots I do!


  1. Excellent post! I totally agree with you! I can remember being 12 & playing with Barbies! Little girls want to grow up too quickly now-a-days & it seems that most parents think this is really cute. I, like you, think that it's really sad.

  2. My Granddaughter was born older, but it is easy to buy her things. She is very girly and likes jewelry and such. Now I have a hard time finding our Grandson things. He is into books and games, but only certain types like history and war. He comes from a military family on both sides.

  3. I've had the same thoughts concerning the speed at which kids seem to be going up now. It's like 9 is the new 18.

  4. I'm with you on this....I'll be an aunt this Feb and I'll do everything I can to keep my niece playing with the things I loved as a kid. In fact I'm still a kid at heart....everyone needs to keep a little part of that.

  5. Morning sad at that age not to play with dollies, where did the children go????? I hate giving gift cards to for presents....cold I think but they seem to want cards......Girlie things would be good.... Lip gloss, nail polish, shower gel.......Good Luck my friend.....Blessings Francine.

  6. What about a make your own jewelry kit?

    I know I'm amazing but you can go ahead and say so if you feel the need.

  7. I have several issues with this! We are still raising our kids in such stereotypical gender roles! Why do girls get dolls, jewelry and make-up, when boys have tons of different kinds of interesting and fun toys?! Why do we encourage boys to be boys, to play both with more mechanical/technological toys and to do more physical activities, but all we still teach our girls are what they should BECOME: Good girl, sexual object, good wife, good mother. No-one ever celebrates, or tries to find out the CHILD/GIRL, but boys are talked about EVERYWHERE. Sigh. This society is also targeting younger and younger kids, so nowadays toddlers already know about the latest toys, the biggest brands (and fashion!).