Saturday, November 10, 2012


As you know, I was raised by my grandparents. My grandmother was a wonderful woman. She was very beautiful, as a matter of fact when she was a young teenager she was approached by an agent who wanted to put her in the pictures but her mother said a very definate "NO". She was very independent, was the buyer for the clothing department of a large store, and loved her antiques which she made into a full time business when she was in her late 40's.

She was always picking up the most unusual and amazing things, especially Christmas things. She was a bit of a gypsy and she dragged my grandfather from house to house, three which he built for her, until finally being able to buy the farm she had admired for years. In between living in permanent homes, they would rent part of a farmhouse in the spring, summer and fall and house sit for 5 months when her Uncle Bill went to Florida. He lived in a huge house and was a retired Mountie, I tell you that story another time.

When I was 8 years old, on Christmas Eve at Uncle Bill's, my grandmother brought out a big box. She took out many wrapped pieces. In the newspaper was a huge Santa Head and a lot of little ones and a Candy Cane. It ended up being the most beautiful Punch Bowl set. That Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, she set it up and filled it with Egg Nog (homemade) and we chose our mug ( although they were all the same). My grandmother ladled the Egg Nog into our mugs from the magic Candy Cane Ladle. It was a wonderful feeling drinking my Egg Nog and looking at that punch bowl. Every year after that until she moved to the farm she would bring the Punch Bowl with her to Uncle Bill's and take it out on those two nights for our little party. 

The year we bought our farmhouse my Grandmother surprised me with the Santa Punch Bowl. I was so happy to have it in my home. That Christmas Eve I went upstairs to get it and as I was coming down I tripped.

The box flew out of my hands and landed with a huge crash. My husband came running and I started to cry as we opened the box to look inside. Not a single piece was spared. Shards of china filled the space. I was so distraught, I could not tell my Grandmother. I was afraid she would be as disappointed with me as I was with myself.

 As Christmas's came and went, she never asked why the Santa set was not out. I could not ask her what the maker was because then she would know. When the internet came I searched in vain for a set but now luck.

I had seen similar ones but not that one. Occassionally I would see a mug. Never a complete set.

 My grandparents have been gone over 10 years now so replacing it to save face is not the reason. I really want a set so I can do the tradition with my son and his little girl.

 I had forgotten about it the past couple of years and then yesterday I just happened to look on Ebay. There was one but not complete and with mismatched mugs and in poor condition. The good new is I found out the maker. It is a Holt Howard set and I have found lots of pictures of it online.  A complete set in mint condition sold on Ebay in October. Darn!

 I will keep looking now because I really want to share those wonderful Christmas Traditions with my family. If any of you should happen to come across one let me know.


  1. So sad about the broken Santa punchbowl set; I can imagine your devastation. Good luck finding one now that you know the maker. Your grandmother must have sensed something had happened to it, and didn't want to upset you by asking about it. She sounds like she was a very dear person.

  2. They are lovely!
    I feel so sad for you :(
    I will keep an eye out for you x

  3. I agree with Robin, your grandmother must have been as kind (and wise) as she was beautiful. Also, thanks for not ruining her Christmas memories - leaving things unsaid at least kept her from 'the awful truth.' May you find what you are searching for.

  4. I found these

  5. Hi Sue, what a wonderful Christmas tradition your Grandmother had with the sweet Santa hearing about stories like that......but so so sad about the set breaking........sure hope you find a set....will keep my eyes open for one and let you know......I have a older Santa jug and mugs I collected that my family had at Christmas, now I do, love traditions so.......Blessings Francine.

  6. I'll keep an eye out for sorry you lost this sweet treasure.

  7. I hope you find them. I'll keep my eye out for them too!

  8. Oh, that is too sad. I can just imagine how upset you must have been. I hope you manage to find a replacement.

  9. A very sad story about dropping that box. I'm sure we can all identify with something like that happening to us. I did enjoy reading the story about your grandmother. What a special person she was.

  10. I can well imagine how very special that darling punch bowl set was to you and my heart just hurt for you so much when I read the part where you tripped and the whole set shattered:-( I've had something similar happen to me so I know how you felt. I will definitely keep an eye out for you for a similar set..have saved the pictures on my computer and the name of the company that made them.

    Your grandmother sounds like she was a very special and wonderful person. I'd love to hear more stories about her:-) xox

  11. I had a similar experience when I broke my grandmother's Lenox wheat vase. Every year it was on the table for Thanksgiving for 40+ years, til I got my hands on it. I know how devastating that is.

    The punch bowl set is adorable! I remember similar ones from my youth, though I can't say for sure where I saw them. Good luck in your search!