Friday, December 14, 2012


If this is true I am the hottest babe on the planet right now. I have been Christmas baking all day and try as I might the kitchen is still an upside down mess. You would think a food fight had taken place. This is what happens when you decide to do a lot of new cookies in one day and you have three furry helpers who you must let in and out of the house because they cannot decide what to do in this wierd weather.

We are having a family Christmas tomorrow for those we won't see on the day. I give baking as gifts to my sister and nieces. The one constant every Christmas are Belgium Cookies. They are my sons favourites as well as my sisters. Funny, I went to find a picture of them online and could not but at the bottom of the search it said "Empire Cookies". I tried that and there they were. All these years I called them Belgium Cookies but that is what they are called in most bakeries in my part of Canada.

I am always looking for new Christmas Cookies. I love to make the decorated ones but sometimes I just want something easy that still looks great. I found these today and made them, I think they look so festive and were very easy. Red & White Cookies and Pinwheels. The recipes are on I HEART NAP TIME as well as lots more. Check them out.

I also found these adorable melted snowmen cookies on the same site which I will make. How cute would these be as placecards!

 Well, I have had a little break and it is back to cleaning the mess. Talk to you all on Sunday, have a lovely weekend.

 hugs, Sue

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  1. Goodness, you have been busy! I really like those melted snowman cookies; they are fun.