Sunday, January 20, 2013


I adore clocks!  There, I said it.  Some of my friends think I am a little clock crazy.

I hang clocks in my farmhouse like one would hang a painting.  I like them big, I like them small.

I have some like these that hang on a bracket from a beam.

 I have huge clocks hanging all on their own on a wall in my studio and I have some grouped together.

I just adore them.  The funkier the better.  Old ones, new ones I always have my eyes open for a new addition.


I just inherited my grandmother's French Mobier clock and how I love it.  It strikes twice on the hour and looks very much like this one but the scene on the top is a farming scene just perfect for my house. I also have her Wag on the Wall and I already had one of my own.

I love whimsical clock and I even love this clock cake.
 I just purchased this clock for my cooking kitchen.  I just love it.  It is new but it has that worn look I love.  Including wall clocks, a grandfather clock, the Mobier, two Wag on the Walls and assorted table clocks this is my 20th. clock. What does this mean.  I am obsessed with time?  I am chasing time?  Do I cherish every minute of the day?  Or do I just love the look of a beautiful clock.

Whatever the reason there are a lot of clocks out there and I still have lots of room.

What will my friends say!


  1. I think you just appreciate the beauty of heritage. I love my digital alarm clock in the bedroom because the numbers are big and bright in the dark. But when I want inspiration of eras gone by, there is nothing that can replace real clocks. Hugs to you, my lovely friend. Mina

  2. You've shown some real beauties here.
    My father is a clock maker and his home is wall to wall clocks , most of days gone by.

  3. I love clocks too!!! I have one wall in the dining room that has one large clock on it and I am thinking of making it a wall of clocks!!!! Love that last one!

  4. I lov clocks too so count me with the crazies as well. I love the hanging from the beams clocks and would kill to find one like that for myself.

  5. TICK TOCK.....beautiful clocks......Wonderful post Sue, always enjoyable, Blessings Francine.