Sunday, February 3, 2013


My back is feeling a little better today.  I thought I would just do a post on the bits and pieces that have been going on around here.  First, our Luca has taken to sleeping in the bathroom sink.  Now he is quite a big boy, as you can see, he fills the sink.  It is hard to get him out without bodily injury ( to us!)  When he decides to take a nap we just wash our hands in the bathtub.

Now, I don't know when it happened but the crazies are running the asylumn.  That's right Daisy, Rufus and Atticus have taken over the house.  Our other dogs have never been allowed in the house for long periods, especially not all day.  We have a lovely mudroom where they sleep and a studio where they hang out.  Unfortunately when we got these guys I had missed Duffy and Penny so much I wanted them with me all of the time.  Big mistake!  The dirt they bring in is unbelievable.  All I do is dust and wash floors and that is sometimes twice a day.  Things will change come Spring but for now I take refuge upstairs where so far it is dust free.  The things we do for love.

We are doing a Fundraiser for the dogs on March 2.  Here is the ticket I designed.  It will be a lot of fun, A GIRLS NIGHT OUT!  I went online and e-mailed all of the Organic shops and businesses I could find to see if they could donate a little something for the Raffle Baskets, we make half our money on those baskets, people love them.  I cannot believe how generous everyone has been.  So far we have soap, candles, tea, chocolate and beauty products donated.

On June 8th. I will be having my annual Fundraiser here on the farm.  This will be SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES.  Once again if any of you would like to send a little something for the baskets it would be great.  The GYPSY TEA & TAROT PARTY baskets were a big hit with all of you lovely art pieces and handmade goodies.

You know about my cup obsession.  Well I found these on Pinterest and I think they are fab!  Can't find them anywhere though.

We had some action around here last week.  The dogs were barking, which is not unusual, but Rufus wanted out really bad.  Now Rufus is a bit of a homebody so you know if he starts going crazy something is up.  I looked out the window and they had this little guy treed.  I brought them inside and amazingly he made his way down the tree right away.  I watched as he gently walked around the puddles and went, unfortunately, under the house.  I hope there are not some babies coming in the Spring.

I recently inherited my grandmother's things and I have been intigrating some of them in with my decor.  I always adored these Staffordshire Hens, they were her favourites and now sit proudly on my pine cupboard.

I saw this vegetable orb on Pinterest and found one on Etsy.  I just think it is so nice, I may order one.

I once again want to thank my friend Mina at  GREEN WITCH WITH SPRINKLES for her post about Brenda and RESCUE DOGS MATCH.  People have made some donations and every little bit does help.

Last today, don't forget to sign up for my VALENTINES GIVEAWAY it ends of Friday February 8th.

Hope you all have a nice day and enjoy the Superbowl.


  1. Your kitty and dogs are so cute!
    I know all about breaking ones own rules for ones loved pets. Cinnamon man is allergic to cats and every time we change the sheets we say "let's keep them off the bed this time". Yeah, right...

  2. Hii Sue, glad to hear your back feels better......Love the kitty in the sink, so cute, as the the dogs, love them so, what a face Aticus has.......Beautiful art you did for the rescue, hope she does well, Francine.

  3. Hi Sue - glad to hear you are feeling better. I love your blog and your pets are spoiled but I bet I have you beat. My cats are so spoiled that I lift them up into the basement window to look out when they ask. They only like to drink out of their water bowl in the shower stall now (mainly because Lucy likes to mess it all over the floor and that is the safest place). The things we do for our furry family, eh?

    I just started following you on Pinterest too! Have a great week...J

  4. You do know it is their house don't you LOL.

    Sorry to hear you are have back problems. That is never fun.