Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Is it my imagination or did January go by really quickly?  It seems like February snuck right past me and Valentine's Day will be here in a blink.

Many people like to go out for dinner on Valentine's Day, for me it is breakfast.  I am a breakfast kind of girl.


For Valentine's Day I would rather make something whimsical like delicious pancakes with fruit covered in sweet syrup or jam.

Or I might get decadent and make some waffles with berry flavoured whipped cream or , yummmmmm, Red Velvet Pancakes.

How about scrumpcious French Toast with cream cheese and strawberries.

I love this idea.  Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls, delicious!

Even the simplest egg cooked into a heart shaped piece of toast is romantic for a Valentine's Breakfast.

Any of these will do but I must say if my Valentine hands me a piping hot Cafe Au Lait he has truly found the way to my heart.


  1. Evening Sue, oh ya, breakfast for me to, everything looks so yummy, love all the heart shaped goodness, Francine.

  2. Hi Miss Sue,

    Have you ever received a Valentine Greeting from a teddy bear? I hope I am the first.

    Happy ♥ Day
    Heaps of Hugs