Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Easter is in just a few days.  Now that we have another little one in the family I will be starting the traditions we did with our son when he was small.

 One thing we always did since I was little was wear an Easter Bonnet on Easter.  I just love this tradition. 

We always made them in school then.  I don't think they do that now.  I looked forward to getting to wear my creations on Easter.  I will do this with our little darling when she is a bit bigger.  Why not have an Easter Bonnet party on Easter if you have a few little ones.  It could be so much fun.  Just get out the construction paper or old straw hats, some glitter, glue and whatever.  Have an Easter Parade before dinner, what fun!

 And of course, dying eggs.  My son just loved our Easter Egg colouring day.  I actually blew the contents out and used them but you can just boil them too.  It is so much fun and such a nice activity for the kids. 

The weather is a little muddy here for an Easter Egg Hunt this year but I am definately doing it from now on.  Even if you have to dress warm this is something children of all ages get a kick out of.  If your weather is not the best just us the large plastic eggs from the dollar store and put treats inside.  You can also hide some "golden eggs" or a special colour and the kids who find those get a prize, like a colouring book.

In a time of video games, cell phones and i pads it is nice to get back to the basic simpler things in life, give it a try and I can guarantee any child in your life will have a ball. 

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  1. Afternoon Sue, great Easter hat post, have my bonnet ready.....we will be hiding eggs in the snow banks.....Love the first picture, to cute, Easter BlessingsFrancine.