Tuesday, April 9, 2013


  Books!  I do love books.  I love to read them but I also love to display them.

 I am always looking for different place to put my huge collection of books.  I have a bookcase built at the bottom of the staircase and it is full.  I really like the idea of building book shelves in different spaces.

 Oh I just adore this one.  Could you imagine building a little library off a room in your house, lovely!

 And what a great idea this is.  You don't need a lot of space to put your favourite books and this case is perfect.

 A little messy for my taste but unique all the same.

 I have actually done this before we had a house.  I displayed my limited book collection in wood crates when we lived a very short time in an apartment.

 I think this is the most inventive book shelf I have ever seen.  How fabulous to use the space under the stairs for shelves.

 Love the winding staircase and the fact that a little room was created under book storage is fantastic.

 This is a great idea for a book shelf.  Most home have a blank wall at the bottom of the stairs so why not use it, whether for a built-in or a bookshelf built against the wall.

 Could you imagine cuddling up here with that view and all those books to choose from?

 Book Nooks are a passion of mine.  I cannot think of a better use of a little space than to fill it with books and a spot to read them in.

How pretty this is.  Snuggled up against those pillows on a rainy day with a good mystery.

  And let's not forget the kids.  I have always loved books and I think it is so important to have a space for your kids to look at their books and learn the joy of reading as a pleasure not just for school.

 This is a great idea too.  Just like the library display shelves.  A great way to show you good magazines as well.

 Well, I don't think there are any words necessary for this gorgeous space.

 This is a really good use of a small space.  Book storage, a nook and a bed.

 How may of us have wasted space under the stairs?  Lots of times there is a closet there that gets jammed full of things we don't need so why not make use of the space like this, beautiful.

 You can pick up this kind of shelving anywhere.  Convenient and easy to assemble.  Your books would love you.

 I think this is wonderful for kids.  I think I may use this idea when my little grandbaby gets her big girl room.

So, whether you stack them, line them up on a shelf, read them cuddled in a nook or in bed, books are the one true friends that are always there for you and always entertaining.

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  1. absolutely love this post---I could use at least 6 of these. Thank you for the delightful journey my mind took wandering through these spaces.

  2. Oh such neat places for books. I love the library in a room its own and those stairs are to die for. Nothing like the smell of a new book straight from the press in ones hand, or an old book with a musty smell full of memories. Thanks for a great post.

  3. Clapping wildly ... I love all the cozy book nooks !

  4. I love them all! I want it so bad.

  5. I'm in love. If I could build a house of books, nothing but books, I would.

  6. This is an amazing post with everything to go along with it.

  7. Mmmmm, books cases... need MORE.
    I fear I'm developing that messy, books stacked clear to the ceiling look....
    The the one under the stair treads is awesome! Well, they are ALL pretty darn fun! :)
    Don't forget to get lots of book cases for your doll's house!! :)))

  8. I honestly could never see myself in life not surrounded by books. These ideas are ingenious! It amazes me how creative minds work. Don't get me wrong, I am a Kindle junkie mostly due to space, the built-in light when it's dark, and avoiding peering eyes while reading in doctor's offices. BUT...the real, paper will never be replaced for me. ;-)

  9. Oh wow... what wonderful displays! TFS! I would take anyone of them! I so love books!

    Carmen and the Primcats