Thursday, April 11, 2013


Let me tell you the story of my Mudroom.  Living in a 235 year old house is wonderful but there are things that needed adding.  Such as a mudroom.

After living in our farmhouse for a few years and having to come into the front door directly into the livingroom we decided to build a mudroom off of the cooking kitchen we had just built.  I lovingly designed a pretty room with iron hooks for hanging coats and a place to sit down.

It is not too big but there is enough room for my stackable washer and dryer and a jam cupboard that I store my vaccum and cleaning products.

I put lovely black and white tile flooring down and put battenboard on the walls.  At the time we had a kennel for the dogs but eventually we took that down and Duffy and Penny slept in there. 

Now, it wasn't always perfectly clean, dogs do get dirty, but it was okay.  Then, as you know, my Duffy and Penny left us and we brought Rufus, Daisy and Atticus into our family and into our mudroom.  Well, it is now officially a "Mud"room and a dog room.  These 3 giants, who I love dearly, have three big comfy beds in there that I have to walk over to get to the vaccum cleaner and with all of this darn rain even the walls get covered in mud when they come barreling in from a days romp on the farm.  I long for a nice mudroom, all organized and clean but when I get big wet kisses and tails that wag so lovingly when they see me I know the sacrifice is worth it.

Just a couple more days until my BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY so don't forget to sign up, oh, and don't worry if the pieces you get to choose from are sold from my shop, I will make the winner whichever piece they like.


  1. LOL ~ sounds just like my house ~ except you forgot to mention all the dog slobber that covers the windows on the patio door!!!
    Prim Blessings

  2. Hi Sue, would love a mud room too, great pictures you found....I am always dreaming as I look on Pinterest of prim places.....Hope you get one, Francine.

  3. I would kill for a mud room, Sue! I'd love to build a little room off the kitchen that would have a full sized washer and dryer, tile floor, cupboards for storage - oh what a dream that would be!


  4. We don't have mudrooms in California :) I guess ours would be the laundry room WHICH I wish was a little bit bigger, barely holds the washer and dryer LOL

    Love all the photos!!!!