Tuesday, May 7, 2013


As you will recall the lovely people at HAGENSBORG CHOCOLATES had donated some bars to our March Girls Night Out Fundraiser for RESCUE DOGS MATCH.

They had send along a couple of their new bars for me to review which I happily did on this blog.  They asked me to review two of their latest Wild Boar Bars and how could I refuse ( really, how!).

Well, the makers of my delicious Truffle Pigs have done it again.  The new Wild Boar Bars are fabulous.

They are packaged in the whimsical way that only HAGENSBORG CHOCOLATES can do.  The cute little Boars are pictured with a Buddha for the INDONESIA SPICED CASHEW  BAR and with the Leaning Tower of Piza for the ITALY TRUFFLE SALTED ALMOND BAR.

This little piggy flew all the way to Indonesia to get the finest ingredients for the Indonesia Bar.  He brought back Cashews and Spices to create this.....

...a dark, decandent bar of the finest organic chocolate filled with the crunch of spicy cashews.   The unmistakable "snap" from the dark chocolate as I broke off my first piece told me this was a great bar of chocolate.  The slightest hint of garlic, chili and lime came through for a burst of flavour on your taste buds.  I am partial to dark chocolate and spice so HAGENSBORG INDONESIA WILD BOAR BAR just really did it for me.  Once again the adorable little boar is lying on the bottom of the bar after taking a couple of bites.  I love this design.

I can highly recommend the INDONESIA BAR WITH SPICED CASHEWS.   If you are a Spicy Girl like me you will love this bar.

Now this little piggy hopped a flight to Italy to bring back some earthy Truffles and crunchy Almonds to create the Milk Chocolate ITALY WILD BOAR BAR.

Like the INDONESIA WILD BOAR BAR the ITALY TRUFFLE AND ALMOND BAR has the stuffed little Boar on the bottom and the "GOBBLE, MUNCH, BURP" on the bar.

 This Milk Chocolate Bar still has that wonderful "snap" you get from a fine organic chocolate but it is smoother than the dark and melts away on your tongue like silk.  It has a sweet yet mellow flavour laced with earthy truffles and crunchy almonds that blend together to give you a scumptious bar.  Where the INDONESIA WILD BOAR BAR, for me is a bar I would like with a good cup of coffee the ITALY WILD BOAR BAR would finish a good meal off instead of a dessert.  Mind you I would also eat them anytime.

I highly recommend you get over to HAGENSBORG CHOCOLATES and try the INDONESIA SPICED CASHEW WILD BOAR BAR and the ITALY TRUFFLE SALTED ALMOND BAR.  I really have nothing negative to say about these bars because when you make a chocolated bar out of the finest ingredients from around the world you cannot go wrong and HAGENSBORG CHOCOLATES gets it right every time.

I can't think of anything I would like more for Mother's Day than to be surrounded by my loving family and sharing the HAGENSBORG CHOCOLATES I hope they get me.

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  1. Oh yummy, looks like such good chocolate....Sue, how is the sun burn? Francine.