Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I am going a little crazy today.

It is just a little over 2 weeks until the "SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES" Fundraiser for the RESCUE DOGS MATCH and we have so much to do.

 The fundraiser takes place in my art studio and gardens.  The beautiful raised beds we built years ago are not in the best shape.  Two are fine, one we removed last summer and the biggest one may have made it but it was rotting in the back and lovely Daisy decided it was her bed all winter and kept jumping in it until it collapsed so today we are building a new one.

My gazeba, almost new, was fine but my darling husband would not help me take the tent down and with one wet, heavy snow it collapsed too.  This was the second one we lost in this manner so I told hubby that was enough and we should build a wooden one so that has to get built.

With the cold weather the gardens are not coming out too quickly but they are okay (this is last Spring).  I still have to put the mulch around though.

  My studio usually looks like this but after inheriting all of my grandmother's antique furniture which was really huge, it was filled for the winter and looked like an antiques shop.  My lovely son and husband moved most of it to my hubby's work shop but the large cupboards would not fit so now I have to rearrange everything and clean, clean, clean.

 I have to make the baskets but all of the donations have not come yet.  The food has to be planned and the door prizes made up.  Thank goodness the Tarot Readers are in position, that was really a job getting enough lovely ladies to volunteer their time and I am so grateful.

So, if my posts are a bit loopy in for a few weeks or sparse you know why.

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  1. Hi Sue, take a deep breath, you will get everything done in time, I have faith, Hugs Francine.