Saturday, May 18, 2013


I love pillows!  I am always making or buying interesting looking pillows.  I tend to be attracted to the more whimsical ones.  Now, I have a lot of pillows so I like to just buy the pillow covers.  I found a fabulous website this morning that sells the most amazing selection of pillow covers for the most reasonable prices and cheap shipping too.

These are the two I just ordered.  I love the Woodstock Pillow for my studio and I have always wanted a British phone booth so this is the closest I will get.

Light In The Box is a lovely website that not only carries pillow covers but lots of home decorating items.  I do not have time to look at that today but I will be back.

I saw these adorable cat and dog pillows and just loved them.  My blogging friend Claire will adore the cat ones I am sure.

They sell single pillow covers, sets of 2,4 and 6 and the prices range from &11.99 to $74.99 for a set of 6.  They are having a great sale right now too.  They also carry traditional pillow covers but I have never found so many whimsical covers on one site.

The total cost of my order including shipping and insurance was under $35.00.

If you love pillows as much as I do but only need covers you should stop by Light In The Box and have a look at everything.

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  1. Cool designs. I love it. thank you for posting.good choice of pillow covers can change the look of room.Nice post.