Monday, July 15, 2013


 I don't know what the weather is where you are but here in Southern Ontario it is a scorcher!  We had a little break last week but the heat is back.  I hope if you are not lucky enough to be cooling off in the water you are have some nice ice cold drinks today.

And let's not forget our furry babies in this heat.  A kiddy pool is a great idea for a cool down for your pups.  This little guy saw an opportunity and took it!  My three big sweeties have a nice air conditioned mudroom to lounge in and they love it.  Remember, no matter how small the dog, in this weather you are better to leave them home instead of taking them with you in the car if they have to be left inside for any l time without air conditioning and always leave a large container of water when you go out, we fill a big wagon for our guys.

And don't forget kitty, they love water too.  Fill up your birdbath for the squirrels as well as the birds.  We have squirrels leaning over into our pool for a cool down.


This guy has the right idea.

Now, if you see a Moose in your pool, don't shoo them away, they get hot too!


  1. Our morning walks are getting earlier and earlier, because it has been very hot here too. I tend to go into the woods, which is relatively cool first thing. When we come back they flop down on the ceramic tiles in the hall.

  2. Hi Sue, oh ya, scorcher here too, whew!!!!!! Love all the pictures, but the Moose in the pool is so cute....hope people have water for their furry friends.....Great post, Blessings Francine.

  3. Yes, this is one way to beat the heat !

  4. The air is always on for my girl. It has been unrelenting here - no breaks in this weather for 3 weeks. I am so ready for a break!


  5. haha! I love that squirrel photo
    And the 1st one looks like bliss