Friday, September 13, 2013


 Yes, that's right, I am "Falling In Love" with Fall.   I love the summer but it was not so great this year weather wise.  The flowers were terrible, it was hot then wet then hot again so I am holding onto to hope that it is a lovely Fall.

I love the Farmers markets in the Fall ablaze with orange, red and yellow fruit, veggies and flowers.  And the Apples!  Apple pie, apple butter, and just apples.

Eating outside on a carpet of colour.  Corn, squash and pumpkins plump and waiting to be turned into scrumpcious soups.

I won't even mind raking the leaves this year.  Bundled up in a warm sweater, a fire blazing and a hot cup of cocoa in hand.

So as the last days of the sun are upon us, I welcome the Autumn Faeries who will settle in my garden to protect my wintering beds and bring luck and happiness to the farm.  I feel so blessed to live with Four Seasons, each one is a welcome guest.


  1. I love the pictures you have posted. I have always love the fall, to me it is the perfect time of the year. It is winter that I am having trouble with. Just count the days til spring when it comes.

  2. Beautiful images, but I just love that one of the sun and the water. Our weather is changing now. Summer is definitely a memory.

  3. Beautiful photos here. I love the fall too. Have my windows open and working outside. Have a great weekend. Love the new jewelry.