Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I love pumpkins!  Their bright burnt orange orbs and twisted tops.  This time of year I fill the garden beds with them and put them on every surface.  I use the real thing outside but inside I like to use pumpkins made of different mediums.

 There are pumpkins made of straw, very earthy and organic looking.

I like Paper mache pumpkins like these gorgeous ones with print from the Etsy Shop CHESAPEAKE POINTE.
And these beauties from POTTERY BARN.

There are gorgeous ceramic pumpkins.  I have a huge one that is a soup tureen but I use it as a cookie jar.

Pumpkins made of fabric are always nice.   Love the striped one and this little polka dot one from the Etsy Shop BURLAP PUMPKIN.

They even have knitted pumpkins.  These three from W.W.WOLTERS on Etsy are very cute.

They even make a pumpkin bed for you little sweet kitty.  This one from BEAUTY BURM COLLECTION on Etsy would make my kitties very content.

I must say my favourite of all hand made pumpkins are the VELVET PUMPKINS like these absolute gorgeous ones from PLUSH PUMPKIN.  Oh, they are so lovely I really must get some.  Look at those rich, sumpcious colours, I would leave these out all year.

So there is a pumpkin type for everyone.  Hurry up and get some because before you know it we will be Ho, Ho, Hoing.


  1. So many choices! That kitty bed is very sweet, and I do like the ceramic and papier mâché ones. But best of all I like the real ones when lots are grouped together.

  2. Love the velvet pumpkins. So lush and colorful. I love all the shapes and sizes of real pumpkins. The white ones are my favorite.