Sunday, October 20, 2013


Halloween is approaching quickly.  Do you have your decorations up yet?  I love to deck the house out for the Witching Hour.  Being on a farm on a quiet road, we don't get much foot traffic but I still decorate the whole outside of the house and make a big splash of the front porch.

With a little imagination and not always at a big cost, you can really get creative with you front door and porch. 

I love the first one which is really just a lot of pumpkins, some cutouts and cute signs.  You can get lots of stuff at the Dollar Store like those big spiders.

The Witch Hat porch is adorable and those hats are also at the dollar stor.  Pumpins and make a simple witch, I think it looks fab.  Love the spider screen door.

Look how simple the first porch is.  Some pumpkins, branchs and Dollar Store Ravens, I love it.

Silouettes are a great way to get a spooky look for you entrance.  Bats have always been my favourite.  How cute is that garage door,  it makes me wish I had a garage.  This would be a great idea for a city house you could set your candy table up in front of the garage, if the weather was nice enough.

The tree silouette is amazing.  I love those big crows.  Painted pumpkins are a great way to get a different look for you porch.  Easy to paint and you can get really creative.

I can't tell you how much i want those hands!  I have looked all over the web for them.  I think they are incredible.  Reminds me of the Wicked Queen in Snow White.

Great idea for this door.  Lots of tulle and witch's hats, a couple of spiders and webs and "We aren't in Kansas anymort ToTo."

I have a Halloween Advent Calendar in the house but I never would have thought of making a giant one for the front porch.  What a fabulous idea. Easy too.  I am definately doing this.

So when you decorate don't forget to go all out on your porch or front door.  I hope you show some pictures on you blogs too, I am looking forward to it.


  1. I wondered where you have I know. Busy decorating and your home is the best I have ever seen.
    F A N T A S T I C and thanks for sharing, it show you love it so.
    You are s talented.
    Happy Fall

  2. Some really fun decorating here. I like the screen door, and the garage door a lot, and those hands are brilliant.

  3. Oooo, this makes me wish I could go all out this year for Halloween. We're keeping it simple this year. We live away from the flow of trick or treaters as well but it still is so much fun to decorate for this wonderful time of year.

  4. Love them all!
    I usually go way out for Halloween ~ but haven't had much drive to do it this year.
    Grandinroad had those hands in their catalog last year ~ not sure if they were in this years catalog. Hope you find them!
    Prim Blessings

  5. Love all the door inspiration. Hard to choose but think my favourite is the wicked witch with the tulle around the door. The hand one you could make with some old gloves stuffed and mounted on a base with a bit of paint for the nails.

  6. These are great inspiration! What fun for the trick-or-treaters. ~Roberta

  7. What a wonderful selection of ideas. Our dollar store does not have giant spiders.
    Grandin Road was the source for those hands but UBER expensive.
    Perhaps a dollar store rubber hand altered a bit would work?

  8. Looking great Sue...I really don't have many Halloween decorations but love to put out what I have. Have Fun, Francine.

  9. Wonderful inspirational pictures Sue, so many creative folks out there! Those hands are wonderful and I love the bats, have to go buy some black construction paper and get cutting! Deb

  10. Huge inspiration here!!
    Love all of them!!