Wednesday, December 24, 2014


It does not matter how early I start or how prepared I think I am when Christmas Eve comes I alway seem to be going mad!

It is raining today here on the farm but that has not dampened our Christmas Spirit.  Presents are wrapped, Carols are playing, stockings are hung, Cookies are baked, wrapped and delivered and one turkey is deliciously roasting in the oven, another one will be cooking tomorrow.

The new kitchen looks so nice all dressed for Christmas.  It was great to cook in this year.  The treats seemed to go faster, having the drawers at my fingertips makes getting supplies so easy.

I made delicious chocolate peanut butter cups this season...yummm!

I picked up the cute bird pictures they are part of the 12 days of Christmas but they only had the 10 days so I decided to just take the birds which were the cutest anyway.

I will be back later tonight to finish this post and show the rest of the Christmas farm.  I hope you all have a lovely Christmas Eve.


  1. Looks very very nice...wish i could eat some of those peanut butter cups....yum

    ~Merry Merry Christmas~~

  2. Your home looks so beautiful Sue, hope you had a joyous Christmas!