Thursday, January 1, 2015


Another New Year, where did the time go?

I will miss 2014, it was a good year for us.  Lot's done around the farm, we are all healthy and there was no drama, which is a nice change.  Lots of dogs got adopted from Rescue Dogs Match, which made it a very good year.

 I don't know how you all spent New Years Eve....dressed up, went to a party?

Some people, I am sure chose to be here.....

I chose to be here.

Some ladies kicked up their heels in something like these....

I put my heels up in something like these.

Some popped the cork and drank champagne.....

After a year of not having any, I treated my self to popping open a bag of marshmallows and having one of these....just one.

Whatever you did I hope you had a great time and I will leave you....or start 2015 off with some little words of wisdom for another fabulous year!!!!


  1. Happy New Year Sue! It sounds like we celebrated the coming of the new year in the same fashion, my cork popping and high heeled slipper days are long gone LOL! Wishing you and yours a year filled with joy, good health and love. Thanks for your inspirational words, they are lovely!

  2. I hope you have a bright,shinny,healthy and happy New Year. We spent a quiet evening at home. Popping that cork and eating sushi.