Wednesday, January 14, 2015


 When we purchased our farmhouse many years ago it was a typical old farmhouse that had not had much love in it's past few years.  We had a few months before we moved in so I picked out all of the paint and wallpaper for each room.  We had 3 bedrooms at the time and no kids so I used the bedroom that is now my office/closet as the spare bedroom where I put my beautiful brass bed I had had since I was a child.

I decided to do something bold with colour, since we had been in an apartment for 2 years.  I picked OOPSY DAISY YELLOW as the paint colour.  Now in the store it looked fab.  I should have known after what happened on the way home it may not have been the best choice.  A friend of mine came with me, I did not drive yet so we took the bus.  We sat at the back of the bus with two cans of paint on our laps.  Suddenly the bus jerked to a stop and the OOPSY DAISY PAINT fell off of my friends lap onto the floor guessed it, opened.  A river of OOPSY DAISY poured down the aisle of the bus and down the back door step.  Embarrassed is not the word.  The bus was evacutated, thank goodness we were close to home and did not have to board the new bus the not so happy passengers were waiting for.

Well, I painted the bedroom and I loved it.  It was actually brighter than the curtains in this picture.  The first time we had a guest, my husband's brother, I knew it was a little too bright for a bedroom that got the first sun in the mornings.  Oh yes, I forgot, I did not have curtains up yet.  The night before my husband and his brother had celebrated a bit, well more than a bit.  When my brother-in-law woke up I heard a loud moan.  All I can say is a night of partying and OOPSY DAISY YELLOW PAINT did not go well together.

I did not paint any other rooms yellow again but we did have our house painted a lovely, cheery Daffodil Yellow for a few years.

I do love yellow.  Not in clothing, it does not suit me but I love the look of a bowl of lemons or pears.  The golden yellow of sweet honey and of course yellow desserts.....heaven!

Who can deny the beauty of a luscious yellow sunrise or sunset .  Daffodils, the first sign of Spring and the happy Sunflower, well the name says it all.

And yellow birds, everytime I see a canary in the garden it still takes my breath away.  I cannot resist the soft down of the Spring Ducklings....adorable.

And last but not least there is of course the YELLOW BRICK ROAD.  Dorothy, The Time Man, The Scarecrow and The Lion followed it and had a happy ending.

I hope you have a little "YELLOW" in your life today.....and a happy ending!

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  1. I just found your blog and loved it. Love the yellows. Many years ago decorators used to say every room needed a pop of yellow. Now of course it is black. My daughter had a yellow room and said it was her favorite ever.