Thursday, January 8, 2015


It is absolutely freezing here today in Southern Ontario.  My husband keeps going out every few hours to feed the poor birds and squirrels.   They say that when the weather is going to get colder they come out to eat more and they seem to be out all day today......brrrrrrrrrrrr!

The Christmas things are all safely tucked away in the Green Cupboard and Blanket Boxes until next Christmas and I have been in the process of "Spring" cleaning and putting the house back to it's pre-Christmas glory.  I have been moving some things around and discovering some lovely old pieces I had forgotten.  I will do a post when I am finished but today I want to show you some really fabulous primitive I wish I had.

I have always loved things with cubby holes and shelves.  I absolutely adore the red piece.  It was just sold at an online auction.  It is a children's locker from an old schoolhouse....amazing.  I have been collecting for many years and I have never seen anything like this.  It is nice to discover something new....errr...old, that I have not seen before.

The green piece is glorious but it has me a little baffled.  Do you know what it is.  I was thinking for time cards but did they use time cards way back then?  Any ideas I would love to know what this is.

The next pieces ar lovely too.  I could use one of these for my threads although the last one is for seed storage.

My other love is for benches.  I really need another house just to put some more benches.  I love them worn out, the older the better. Look at the patina on the first bench....fabulous.  The last one is a pail bench and I think it is adorably primitve, I may need my hubby to copy this one for me where I will put it I don't know but I love it.

Oh, look at that blue dry sink.  I remember when my grandmother started collecting painted pieces, I was not sure if I liked the worn paint compared to the warmth of natural old pine but now it is my favourite.  Even when we make our furniture I never do just pine I always do old paint and wear the heck out of it. 

Those breadboards look like they have been used to prepare food for many a family over their lifetime.  The green shelf, what can I say, I would love that hanging in my kitchen.

Drawers!  Oh how I love anything with a lot of small drawers.  These pieces are not always practical because how much do they really hold, the drawers are usually quite small but I don't care they are incredible.

I will leave you today with this wonderful piece of writing I came across.  It is what I wish you all for the coming year.


  1. I am so glad you came to my blog and so I found you. That first cubby looks like what we used to sort mail into at the bank I used to work at. Who knows......its awesome. I love all you have shown. If I could have just one it would be the dry sink. They are sooooo expensive I know I will never have one. I love the colour. I collect old things too, childhood memories of growing up in England after the war............will be following you

  2. Oh Sue, I am drooling over those great primitive pieces, love them all. I love the primitive look, also using treasures as different things, loved this oat.Blessings Francine.

  3. Glorious pieces Sue, I'd happily have any of them! Could the green piece be for mail? It is beautiful. Stay warm my friend!

  4. All the prim pieces are wonderful!!!!
    ~Thanks for sharing

  5. I'm sending these same thoughts right back to you. Have an amazing year.
    All of these pieces are wonderful. I have acquired a card catalog from my daughter's elementary school. I love it. I use it to store small things. You have a wonderful collection.