Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Good afternoon everyone.  It is another nice day here on the farm, lots to do in the garden today so this is a little post of introduction.

Meet Alley!  My husband's brother sadly passed away at a young age after a brave battle at the beginning of the year.  He was a great guy and we miss him dearly.

Ed had 3 loves of his life, his family, his huge workshop and his dogs.  The last dog he had was little Alley.  She was named that because there was an alley behind his shop.

When he died, the family did not know what to do with Alley because they did not want her in the house.  We had spoken to Ed about her before he passed and assured him she would be taken care of.

As you know I volunteer for RESCUE DOGS MATCH so when Ed lost his life, the plan was to take Alley in our home as a foster until we could find her the perfect home.  Having Atticus, Rufus and Daisy and 3 cats already it would be insane to have another dog........well, lock me up, after having Alley here for a month my husband just could not let her go so she is now the smallest, and loudest member of the pack.

She never had a lot of space to run in so she is in doggie heaven on the farm.

As you can see she is a bit of a ham in our grandson's hat.  I will do another post soon on her and her crew.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day.


  1. She's adorable! Thank goodness you and your husband were there to adopt her!

    (It's hard for me to imagine someone not wanting their dog in their house...)

  2. Happy tears for sweet Allie, I. Know she is in the best loving home possible.Hugs Francine.

  3. Oh Sue, how wonderful that Allie has found her forever home with you and your hubby, your brother-in-law is smiling knowing his sweet pup will have such a loving family to surround her. Congratulations on your new addition, she is adorable!