Friday, May 15, 2015


 The weather was beautiful here on the farm last week.  I look forward every year to the first day I can sit outside with a cup of coffee and read my British Country Living....just heaven.

I planted my porch Herb Garden.  Everything is coming along great.  My pots have seen the worse for wear so I picked up these pretty yellow and red ones at HomeSense I love the pressed medallions.

My heirloom tomatoes are very slow and some did not germinate but I am crossing my fingers that the 28 that are left are hardy.  I am planting a lot of veggies this year.  I will show you my bathtub full of spinach and lettuce as it grow.  If I could put dirt in it I am growing veggies in it.

I got this fountain out of someones garbage!  It has been mended but it works perfectly.  I adore this sign another thrift shop find.  Our newest addition, Alley, is still a bit camera shy but she is really happy here.

My newest little passion is for tin cups.  I found these by The Thoughtful Gardener at HomeSense.  They were only $5.99 each and on the British website they are almost $12.00 each plus shipping.  I just love them for the garden, no fear of breaking.

It is so wonderful to see everything budding and green.  I hope the summer is warm and welcoming.  We had this lovely weather last week this week it is kind of cool.  Oh well at least it is not snow.

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  1. Amazing what a little sun can do, isn't it? Your herb garden is looking so lush and hope your tomatoes prove to be good producers. So glad Alley has settled in and what wonderful garden accents you've found! Enjoy your sunshine and here's to a long, hot summer.