Sunday, January 10, 2016


At this time of year, after the hustle and bustle of the holidays, the decorations are down and sometimes so am I.  This is when I need a little happy in my life, this is when I need to be a bit selfish and have some me happy time.

Everyone's happy is different.  Maybe all you want is a nice quiet cup of coffee and a sinfully slice of cake....yes, that can do it for me sometimes, although maybe not the cake anymore since I am working on my weight this past year, but coffee is good too.

How about staying in bed in the morning with a tray of tea and toast and a good book, yes that is my kind of happy.

Or just go to the theatre in the middle of the afternoon all by yourself, I used to do that at least twice a month.  I loved it, it was like they played the film just for me.  Usually if you go on a Monday through Thursday there are only a handful of people there  it is really quite nice.

We, especially women, do not always take a little me time.  It does not have to be for something decadent like cake it could be just the time to meditate or do yoga, but make the time trust me those solemn moments alone with yourself can make all the difference in your happiness.

 I also am very happy when I walk our dogs.  Mind you I prefer the nicer weather not the horrid rain and snow we have today.  It is a good way to clear my head I don't think of anything but the fresh air and my pups...that makes  me happy.

I also like to sing when I am alone.  Mostly in the car but I do break into song at home too.  And dance It is great exercise for your happy.

 I saw this online today and what a great idea.  I think everyone should have a Happy Jar.  Fill it up whenever something makes you happy, a joke, a moment, a memory.  When you need a little happy pull one out and smile.

Whatever your happy is, take that time for you.  The little things always make you the happiest.  I leave you with my ultimate Happy Thing or Things.

All I have to do is think of these two, my little sweethearts and my day is brighter, my heart is lighter and my life if full of HAPPY!

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